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Chapter 9: I Am a Simple Human Being

I am so angry right now, and I don’t know what to do about it.
In spite of what you said about responsibility the other day, I can’t even go to worship.
Please comment.

This is something basic to be understood. Your love is not love. It is full of hate, anger, jealousy, everything that goes against the qualities of love.

It is very dangerous to allow you to love me, because I am allowing you all other things also. Your love can turn into hate any moment. It is so superficial. It is just a mind game.

You don’t know what love is. Please don’t call me “Beloved Osho.” Those words on your lips become poisonous.

What anger are you feeling against me? I have given you my vision, my insight, my compassion, my friendship, everything that I have. And the reward is your anger.

You should be angry towards yourself, but it is very easy to project ugly things upon others.

Whatever happened in these three and a half years while I was silent - almost absent - you cannot make me responsible for it. You are responsible. You behaved like idiots.

Five thousand intelligent people could not see that they were being ordered to do things which were inhuman. They were being ordered to kill people, to poison people; and you could not even think - can I be behind it?

I love life, love, laughter. How many times have I said to you that these three L’s are my basic philosophy?

When you were given orders by a fascist group who was dominating you to poison the water system of a whole city, to kill my physician, my caretaker, my dentist..

And just the other night we have discovered suddenly five hundred beautiful fish died in Patanjali Lake. That means that before leaving, that group has dumped poison into Patanjali Lake. It is fortunate that we are not taking Patanjali Lake’s water for your use. It is being used for irrigation; otherwise you would be, many of you, with those dead fish.

And you are angry at me.

You must be retarded. Can’t you see a simple point? A man who has never been life-negative, who has been changing your lifelong habits of non-vegetarian food into vegetarian food, who is not willing even to kill any animal.. Don’t you have even a small, logical understanding? A man who is teaching you to be a vegetarian will help you to destroy a whole innocent city, The Dalles, by poisoning its water system? The thing was so stupid!

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