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Chapter 8: Initiated into Life

In the East, in the past, there used to be a certain kind of woman detective. Those woman detectives were called vishkanyas - poisoned girls. Certain beautiful girls were poisoned very slowly from the very beginning, with the mother’s milk - it is an historical fact - but the poison was given in such small doses, homeopathic doses that it would not kill them immediately; but slowly, slowly their whole system would become poisoned. Poison would flow in their blood, their breath would become poison. By the time they were youths, they would be ready to be used by the kings, and they were so beautiful that it was very easy to allure anybody with them. They were sent to the enemy king who was bound to fall in the trap of the beautiful woman, and once the woman kissed the man that was the end of him. Just the kiss was enough to kill; it was a kiss of death.

To make love to such a woman will be the end - you will die like a few spiders die. There are a few spiders who die while making love - because the girlfriend starts eating them while they are getting higher and higher, and they are in such ecstasy - you know spiders - trembling, and they have completely forgotten the world. They are no longer material, they are spiritual. But women are women; they are very materialistic. The moment the spider gets into his orgasmic spasms, the girlfriend starts eating him. By the time he comes back, he is no more. He was thinking he was coming - he was really going!

Those poisoned girls were trained. But the miracle was that so much poison didn’t kill them. It was given in such mild doses, very slowly.

A scientist was experimenting with frogs: he threw a frog into boiling water - of course, the frog jumped immediately out of it. Then he gave the frog just ordinary water, normal temperature; the frog enjoyed the bucket, sat at the bottom, relaxed, and the scientist started heating it up slowly, slowly, very slowly. Within hours it was boiling, but the frog didn’t jump out of it. He died. He never became aware, the thing happened so slowly.

And that’s what is happening in society. It takes almost twenty-five years to kill a child totally, to poison a child totally. By the time he comes from the university he is dead, he is finished; now he will live a post-mortem existence.

I can see a grain of truth in the hippie idea: don’t trust a man beyond thirty. There is some truth in it. By the time a man is thirty he is no longer alive - if he is still alive he will become a buddha, he will be a christ, he will be a krishna. But by that time people die - and they die so unconsciously that they go on living as if they are alive.

Sannyas means giving you your life back. It is a process of deprogramming you, unconditioning you, unpoisoning you. You cannot logically decide to be a sannyasin, because that very mind is a problem, and you are trying to decide with that very mind. Sannyas has to be a jump. It happens from the heart, not from the head.

You are still thinking from the head. Please, get down from the head. At least let one thing happen from the heart - not logically but illogically, not in a prosaic way but in a poetic way. Sannyas has to be a love affair: nonserious, full of laughter. Enter it, and you will be surprised that this is not some other initiation. This will bring out all your initiations and all your philosophy and all your systems of thought.

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