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Chapter 13: Mind Is the Bondage

Just console people with lies. Go on giving them hope so they can manage to drag themselves towards their graves; just go on giving them opium so they don’t feel the pain, the agony, the stupidity of their lives.

And that’s what all the religions have been doing. Whenever somebody has said the truth, he immediately becomes a dangerous man. Otherwise Jesus was not a dangerous man; he was only thirty-three when he was crucified - a young man, uneducated, doing no harm to anybody, but stating the truth. The rabbis of Israel could not tolerate that man. He was disturbing all their fabrication of lies. They crucified that young man. Socrates never harmed anybody, but his great crime was to speak the truth. He was poisoned and killed.

Bodhidharma was also poisoned. Although the people who poisoned him thought that he was killed, he was not. He was made of a different kind of matter. He simply went into a coma and in the night disappeared, leaving one of his shoes in the tomb and the other shoe hanging on his staff.

After three years, when people completely believed that he was dead, he was seen by a high government official passing the boundaries of China and entering into the Himalayas. The official could not believe his eyes. He had heard that Bodhidharma had been poisoned and killed. He asked Bodhidharma, who said, “I was in a coma and I waited for the night. When the coma disappeared a little and I was able to get up, I escaped from the tomb. I have left one of my shoes there in the tomb as proof that I have been there and another shoe I am taking, hanging on my staff to prove that I am Bodhidharma - my identity card.”

The official immediately rushed to the mountain where Bodhidharma had been poisoned and he told the disciples. They showed the tomb and the official said, “I would like it to be opened because I have seen the man with his sandal hanging on his staff, and he has told me that he left the other sandal as a signature in the tomb. I would like to open the tomb and see whether that man was really Bodhidharma or somebody else who was playing a trick on me.” The tomb was opened and only one shoe was there, nothing else.

What was the need to poison Bodhidharma? One cannot conceive how human beings have behaved with such people.they are making every effort to awaken you, and you respond by killing them. Who is insane? Is Socrates insane? Is Jesus insane? Is Mansoor insane? Is Sarmad insane? Is Bodhidharma insane? Or the people who have killed them.?

Here are a few sutras for this morning, of great importance for those who want to understand the truth and who are ready to drop all kinds of lies.

“Without the mind there is no buddha” means that the buddha comes from the mind.

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