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Chapter 22: The Whole Existence Is with You

The society has penetrated deep in your mind; it is not only that others will not believe your laughter, you yourself don’t. Your mind is part of the society; it has created it. Your parents, teachers, priests - they all have created your mind. A mind is something implanted in you by the society; it belongs to the society, not to you. It is society suspecting your laughter, making you afraid that perhaps you’ve gone insane - because there is no reason to laugh.

It is a very strange situation: when you are healthy, you don’t think that there has to be a reason to be healthy. You don’t rush to a doctor in panic saying, “Save me doctor, I am healthy! Do something immediately.something has gone wrong, I am no longer sick.” Nobody asks, “Why am I healthy?” But if you are sick you ask, “Why am I sick?”; you go to the expert to inquire about your sickness and how to cure it.

The same should be the situation about your inner world. Sadness is sickness, and you accept it; laughter is health, and you are afraid to accept it - you are suspicious of it. That suspicion is not yours; that suspicion belongs to your mother, to your father, to your teachers, to your priest, the church, and all kinds of so-called leaders.

If a child is not burdened with all this conditioning, when he is laughing he will accept it naturally. When he is sad he will inquire about why he is sad. He will go to the psychiatrist to inquire what is the cause of his sadness, why he is so serious, why he cannot laugh, why he cannot sing and dance.

A person who cannot laugh, cannot sing, cannot dance - do you think he will be able to love? It is impossible; his love will be a sad affair, full of tears, without any joy.

People are finding lovers so that they don’t feel lonely. Loneliness hurts, but they are not aware that the other person is also lonely. And two lonelinesses together make the problem multiplied; it does not dissolve the problem. You were lonely; now another person is lonely. You were sad; now another person is sad. Now both will be carrying the sadnesses of each other, sicknesses, seriousness, moods of despair and anguish - now they are doubled. Before a person falls in love, he should have a right understanding about his own state.is he capable of loving? He cannot laugh, he cannot sing, he cannot enjoy music; he cannot enjoy anything.how is he going to enjoy love?

The priests of all the religions have poisoned everything.

They have poisoned your love, they have poisoned your laughter.

They have poisoned your capacity to rejoice, to dance, to sing.

Just look at your churches.The moment you enter a church you become serious - just watch it. The moment you enter a church the climate inside you changes - you become serious. You become Christian, which is simply a disease just like Hinduism, Buddhism.different names of diseases.

Can you make love in a church? Jesus Christ hanging on the cross looking at you.It will be a very strange scene. You cannot even laugh. Have you seen any statue of Jesus smiling, laughing, dancing? No, all that you know is the crucified Jesus.

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