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Chapter 25: To Enter into Your Own Presence

Why are the people like Socrates poisoned to death? Why do people refuse their love and divine grace and believe so easily others untrue projections only, rather than refuting you? Why do people just worship the gods and the masters and forget the qualities for which they are worshiped?

It is unfortunate that man is not yet civilized enough to accept the truth. He lives in lies. His intelligence is not yet grown up to accept whatever is the case. He still goes on dreaming like a child, projecting his own illusions, believing in his own hallucinations. That is the reason why people like Socrates, Jesus, Al Hilaj’s Monsoor and many others are killed, crucified, poisoned.

It is truth which is crucified. It is truth which is poisoned.

It is truth which people cannot tolerate because confronted with the truth, their lies appear so clear that it becomes impossible for them to go on believing in them. They have to choose: either the lies, which for centuries they have believed and lived by - or the truth - which is absolutely new and fresh.

To accept the truth is dangerous. You will have to change yourself. You will have to change attitudes. You will have to change so much that it will be almost a death and a rebirth.

People choose the simpler way: Rather than changing themselves, they destroy the person who has become the spokesman for truth. It is easier to poison Socrates. It is difficult for people to change themselves. It is a simple arithmetic.

You are not living according to existence, according to the living principles of life. You are living according to fictions, theologies, religions. None of them have any evidence of whatever they have been preaching. No religion has been able to prove god. And the whole world believes in god. The communist world does not believe in god, but nobody has been able there even to prove that there is no god. Both are in the same boat - the believers and the unbelievers. There is no difference. When the first Russian, Yuri Gagarin came back from a roundtrip of the moon, he was the first man to reach closest to the moon. The first question that was asked in Soviet Union was: “Have you met god there?” And he said, “There is no god.” And in Moscow, they have made a newsreel of all the findings of astronauts and in front of the date of the newsreel is the sentence of Yuri Gagarin: “There is no god. We have looked into the space and we have not found it.” But who has told you that he is in the space? He is within you. And Yuri Gagarin or anybody else who says “There is no god” has not looked in. Those who have looked in, those who are astronauts of the interior sky have always come not with a belief, but with Truth. That Truth goes against your beliefs. Beliefs are cheap. You get them free. Your parents are forcing beliefs on you; your teachings are forcing; your politicians are forcing; your priests are forcing - everybody is to condition you and program you according to Christianity, according to Hinduism, according to Mohammedanism, according to communism. Nobody cares about the Truth and nobody cares about you.

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