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Chapter 8: Man Is Not Rational

The woman said, “No, I am not her mother - I am her father.”

Now a meeting of the sexes is happening. In dress, in ways of living, a meeting is happening. That is a very good sign. In dress people are becoming unisex - that’s a very good sign! There is no need to make these distinctions. A non-distinct whole is the reality.

Distinctions are being made by the mind and it has created trouble, because you are both. But if you are fixed that you are a male, then what will you do with your woman inside? And the woman is there. Sometimes the woman wants to weep and cry, but you cannot weep and cry - you are a man and you have to behave like a man. You don’t listen to nature; you listen to manmade theories that you are a man. But nature has made tear glands in the eyes: if nature intended that a man should never weep and cry, then there should have been no tear glands. If nature intended that a man should not feel, then there should not have been any heart. But a man feels as much as a woman. Then he suppresses his femininity; he goes on suppressing it - that creates an inner conflict. Rather than using the opposite polarities to flow, rather than using the two opposite polarities as a tension, which creates aliveness, you suppress the polarity, which deadens you, which kills your sensitivity; because a man, if he is not also a woman, is half, crippled, half his being is suppressed. And that suppressed being will take revenge. He will go mad sooner or later because a suppressed part will throw off the dominating part.

Politics is not only outside; politicians have created a politics within you. They have created a rift, they have made you to fight yourself. And then a woman is continuously suppressing the male part. It erupts. It comes up again and again because it is there! Rather than creating a harmony with these two opposite notes, you have been warring, you have been fighting, struggling. The situation would have been beautiful if you could have created a harmony; then a higher quality of being would have arisen within you.

Remember, all growth is dialectical.

This word dialectical has to be understood. It is against rational. Reason is a linear process, from one step to another step, but the plane remains the same: from A to B, but the plane remains the same. That’s why reason is very, very boring. It has no qualities of the opposite; that’s why it becomes boring.

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