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Chapter 5: Love Gives Your Legs a Dance

If they listen to the wisdom of nature, there is nothing perverted. Everything is very simple, very silently merging, melting with each other.

There is no conflict in existence.

I say unto you, there is no God and there is no Devil. The Devil was created by the people who created God because they could not think how God can exist without the polar opposite.

Everything exists with the polar opposite.

Even Friedrich Nietzsche missed the point when he said, “God is dead” - he forgot about the Devil. The Devil continues to live because nobody has declared his death. I declare that both were two sides of the same fiction. When God died there was no need for the Devil.

When there is no other world, a heaven, there is no need for any hell. These are man-made polarities. Seeing that existence always lives with polarities, opposites, contradictions, man feels a little hesitant to accept that there is only heaven.. Then what about the sinners?

But the reality is the saint and the sinner are not opposites; deep down they depend on each other.

If there are no sinners, all saints will disappear. If there are no saints, there will be no sinners. They are not contradictions; they are just part of a beautiful polarity and balance.

In a small school, the teacher asks - for almost one hour she has been teaching - how not to sin, because those who sin will be thrown into hellfire for eternity. And if by mistake you have committed something which is sin, then pray. God is compassionate. He will forgive you and you will enter paradise with all its pleasures. Then she asked the class..

A small boy raised his hand.

She asks, “What is the way to reach paradise?”

The little boy said, “Sin.”

She said, “My God, for one whole hour I have been insisting that if you sin you will fall into hell.”

He said, “I understand. But unless you sin, you will not be forgiven either. How will you enter paradise? God will ask what sins you have committed. He is compassionate, he will forgive, but first you have to commit.”

Sometimes children can see things in a very different perspective. The boy is right. God will be absolutely useless if nobody is sinning. What will he do with his compassion? - out of a job, unemployed.not even the possibility of a retirement pension.!

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