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Chapter 1: Man: Only a Possibility

“Harv, you are passionate,” and again he reached for her thigh. Pow! He stopped the car and said, “Look, honey, on the one hand you tell me I am sexy, on the other you whack me across the mouth. Make up your mind!”

Margaret looked at him and slobbered, “Who the hell said you were sexy? All I have been telling you is, my house, you are passing it.”

Put your mind aside - let there be a direct communion between me and you. And I’m not interpreting Gautam Buddha. What he is saying is my own experience too. Hence, in a way I am simply explaining to you my own existential experience. But I love Gautam Buddha, his words are beautiful. It is significant to revive them again and again, to give them life, to let them breathe again. I am not interpreting here, I am simply making myself available to him so that he can say something to you in your language, in the language of the twentieth century.

Of course his words will be a little old. Twenty-five centuries have passed since he spoke them; much water has gone down the Ganges, much has changed. Life is no longer the same, people are no longer the same. That innocence has disappeared from the world. The world has become very cunning, the world has become very political. The world is no longer religious, no longer innocent, no longer simple. In fact it is impossible now to be in the world and to be simple. It is an almost superhuman task not to be political - the demands made upon you are so great. I feel deep compassion for you, but this is the only world we have right now and we have to understand this situation, we have to transcend this situation.

Buddha has to be revived, resurrected in such a way that you can recognize him again, and I have been doing the same with Jesus, with Lao Tzu, with Kabir and with other enlightened ones. Their names are different, but their taste is the same. Buddha is reported to have said: You can taste the ocean from anywhere, and you will find the taste always the same, it is everywhere salty. So is the ocean of buddhahood - the taste is the same. If you can put your mind aside, if you can commune with me heart to heart, not head to head.because head to head there is only collision, no communion.

Don’t be political while you are here with me, don’t be clever, don’t be cunning, because then you will be missing. This is a totally different kind of dialogue, this is not an ordinary dialogue; it is not mundane, it is sacred. Unless you approach these sutras very innocently, you will miss, and you will miss a tremendously significant opportunity.

Kornblum, aged seventy-six, took an unscheduled flight in the Middle East and suddenly found that two big Arabs had also boarded the airplane. One of them said, “Hey, Jew, we want the window seat!” So he gave it to them.

The plane took off and one of the Arabs said, “Go to the back of the plane and get me some coffee!” Kornblum got the coffee and when he came back the other Arab said, “Now I want coffee!”

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