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Chapter 4: This Too Will Pass

My work is invisible. In fact, I am teaching you, in an indirect way, the greatest revolution possible. I am teaching you rebellion, and this rebellion is multidimensional: wherever you will go, this rebellion will have its impact. If you go into poetry you will write rebellious poetry. If you go into music you will create a new kind of music. If you dance, your dance will have a different flavor. And if you go into politics, you will change the whole face of political action itself.

I am not against political action, but the way it has been up to now is utterly meaningless; it is absurd. I want to change its very foundation. Hence, on the surface nobody can see that I am involved in any political activity, nobody can see that I am involved in any kind of worldly activity.

I am teaching people to sit silently, to watch their thoughts, and to get out of their minds. The stupid revolutionary will think that I am against political action, that I am a reactionary. Just the reverse is the case. Out of his stupidity - although he may talk about revolution - what he is going to do is going to be reactionary. He will drag the society backwards.

I am not doing anything that can be called political, social: I am not for social reform or political action. At least on the surface I look like an escapist and I am helping people to escape. Yes, I am helping people to escape to themselves, to escape from all kinds of unintelligent activities.

First sharpen your intelligence. Let a great joy arise in you. Become more watchful, so much so that not even a corner in your being is dark anymore. Let your unconscious be transformed into consciousness; then do whatsoever you want to do. Then, if you want to go to hell, go with my blessings, because you will be able to transform hell itself.

It is not that meditators go to heaven, no: wherever they go they are in heaven and whatsoever they do is divine. But this is such a new approach that it will take time to be understood. I am using such a different language that it is natural that I will be misunderstood.

A beatnik ran through a red light. The cop pulled him over and said, “Did you not see the red light?”

The beatnik replied, “Like, man, I did not even see the house!”

There are different languages!

As Harry was shaving one morning he called out, “You know, sweetheart, I don’t seem to get along too well with the other fellows at the office.”

There was no response.

“Darling, the boys treat me like I am a little odd.”

There was still no response.

He put the razor away and started to comb his hair.

“Lovey, the boys seem to think that I am queer.”

Still getting no reply he finally shouted, “For heaven’s sake, John, aren’t you listening?”

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