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Chapter 8: Life, Death and Love

Just the opposite is the rung, the ladder of destruction. People who cannot be creative become destructive because through destruction they can have a vicarious feeling that they are powerful. When Hitler destroyed millions of people, of course he had a very powerful feeling that “I am somebody, I can destroy the whole world.” He was almost ready to destroy the whole world - he has almost destroyed it.

A politician is a destructive mind. He may talk about the nation, the country; he may talk about utopias, socialism, communism, but basically a politician is a destructive mind, and a destructive mind cannot become enlightened.

First, the whole energy should move towards construction, towards creation. Then only is there the possibility that by and by you participate in the ultimate creation that is nirvana, the ultimate creation in which you are born divine, infinite, unlimited. You expand, you spread all over existence. Then you are no longer a wave, you have become the ocean.

The politician can never become enlightened. I am not saying that the politician cannot move towards enlightenment - he can move, but as he moves, he will have to drop politics. A politician is also a human being, but he will have to drop the politics. By the time he comes to meditate he will no longer be a politician. Remaining a politician, a politician cannot become enlightened. His humanity is there: even a Hitler can become a buddha - some day. One hopes he will. Some day, far away in the future, even an Adolf Hitler is going to become a buddha; that is his potentiality. But then, by that time, he will not be an Adolf Hitler.

Nuclear war had come and gone. Only one tiny monkey in one isolated part of the world remained alive. After weeks of wandering about, he finally came across a little female monkey. He threw his arms around her in greeting.

“I am starved,” he said. “Have you found anything to eat?”

“Well,” she said. “I found this little old apple.”

“Oh no you don’t!” he snapped. “We are not going to start that all over again!”

Even monkeys are worried about humanity. And I have heard monkeys talking. They don’t believe in Darwin, they don’t say that man has evolved out of monkeys, they don’t think that man is a developed form; they think man has fallen from the monkeys. Of course - fallen from the trees, fallen from the height, fallen from the monkeys.

And this is true in a way, because man has up to now remained political. The whole history up to now has been political; no civilization has yet existed which has been religious, not even Indian civilization. Not a single nation has come into being which is religious, only rare individuals, here and there, far apart - somewhere a Buddha, a Jesus, a Zarathustra, a Lao Tzu - islands. Otherwise, ordinarily, the main current of humanity has remained political.