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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

But they are very tricky, diplomatic. They talk about love and they sow the seeds of hatred, they talk about nonviolence and they prepare you for violence. They say they are preparing for war because without war, peace will be impossible. And they have talked such nonsense for so long that you don’t even understand how contradictory they are. And the whole of humanity goes on moving in darkness.

Remember one thing: Christ is not a politician - not even of love - because politics is poisonous, it will poison love itself. Christ is not a politician at all. Had he been a politician, he would not have been crucified. Just a little diplomacy would have saved him; just a little diplomacy.there was nothing much in it. But he was not a politician. That was the trouble. He was very authentic and true, not diplomatic. He said whatsoever he felt.

Look. Your so-called mahatmas are politicians. They try to live according to their principles, they try to be according to their ideology. Whatsoever they preach, they try to live it. Jesus is totally different. Whatsoever he lives, he preaches. There is the difference.

A Mahatma Gandhi looks almost like Jesus. He is not. He tries to live whatsoever he preaches, but the preaching is important. He wants others also to live according to his preaching - and he himself tries to live according to his preaching.

Jesus is totally different. He says and preaches whatsoever he lives. When you preach whatsoever you live, you are exposed, you are open and vulnerable, you are true to yourself. But then you start becoming a misfit with the society. Society is politics, it is diplomacy; many things are not to be said, many things have to be said which are not true.

When Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” Jesus remained silent. He could have said something. He was an articulate man, he was a great poet in his utterances. He could have said something. And his whole life was depending on that. That was the last thing Pilate asked: “What is truth?” and Jesus looked into his eyes and remained silent: very non-diplomatic, very non-political. He embarrassed Pilate.

In that silence, Pilate felt very restless and uncomfortable. Jesus penetrated him deeply. His silence was something that he was saying from his heart.

But Pilate wanted words. Pilate was not asking, “Show me the truth!” He was asking, “What is truth?” He was asking for a definition, and Jesus wouldn’t give the definition because he was truth - and he was standing in front of him.

He looked into his eyes. He must have stirred his soul. Pilate became uneasy. He turned away from Jesus. He said to the priest, “Take this man away and do whatsoever you like. Crucify him.”

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