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Chapter 10: Not Answers, No Questions

The question is in two parts. Humanity is not dirty because of dirty politicians; dirty politicians are there because of dirty humanity. You have to understand it well. Don’t throw the responsibility on the politicians. They simply represent you, nothing else. This is absurd: first you choose them, then you call them dirty. And when you choose you choose the dirtiest. You vote for them, and then you call them dirty. How do they come? From where do they come? They come from you. They are there with your support; they will fall if you don’t support them.

Don’t call them dirty. This is an old trick of the mind: always throw the responsibility on somebody else and you feel guilt-free. You are the real culprit. If dirty politicians exist they exist because of your dirty mind. Somewhere in your mind they have their roots; from there they are nourished. So just by changing the politicians nothing will change. For thousands of years man has been changing politicians, nothing else, but nothing happens - because man has not changed himself. You go on changing the politician but who will choose the next? You will choose the next again.

And whenever a politician is out of power he looks very beautiful, good, innocent, because without power you cannot be dirty - you need power. So whenever a politician is not in power he looks so humble, so sincere. Just give him the power, and immediately he is transformed, he is no longer the same person - because politics is a power trip. The man was after power: he had to be humble to persuade you, to seduce you, that he is a humble, saintly man. Once he is in power he doesn’t care about you. He, in fact, never cared before; he was just playing a game with you. He was seducing you, exploiting you. Now he has attained his goal - why should he bother about you? Who are you? He doesn’t recognize you. Now the long-cherished power is in his hands; he starts using it. Then you start calling him dirty.

And you have been changing politicians for centuries - nothing has changed. Rather, change yourself. It is time - enough time now - you must understand that no social revolution can be a revolution. No political revolution can be a revolution. At the most it can give you a temporary relief, but that’s nothing, nothing of any worth. Unless you change, nothing changes: the human individual has to be changed.

And, the second part of the question. You think that today, nowadays, right from birth till death everything is being controlled by politicians - “guided, dictated, influenced, governed.” Do you know any time when it was not so? Why do you call it “nowadays”? It was always so; always man was guided, controlled. In fact today the control is not so strong; that’s why the question arises. In the days of Rama the question would not have arisen - the control was perfect. Go further back and the control is so perfect that you cannot even ask the question. Now you can ask the question because the control is a little loose. You can raise the question: at least that much freedom has happened in the world. The further back you go, the more conditioned you will find people.

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