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Chapter 25: The Only Alternative

Logic is a game. If two persons discuss something and one person wins the discussion, that does not mean that what he is saying is the truth. All that it means is that he has more logical, argumentative, caliber than the other one. The other one may have the truth - the defeated one may have the truth but is not articulate enough. So truth cannot be decided by logic, argumentation; its decision is something deeper. It is of the heart in the beginning, and in the end it is of the being itself.

So now I am speaking to my own people, and now I can open my whole heart to them without even bothering to argue for what I am saying - without giving any evidence, any proofs. They know me, that unless it is something that is going to help them I am not going to say it. It is not a question of right and wrong; it is a question of helping them on the path.

So now I have my people around the world. They are increasing every day, because I am the only alternative in the whole world against all the religions and against all the politicians. Against all nations and against all races, I am the only alternative. I stand for the simple human being - I don’t want him to be German, I don’t want him to be African, I don’t want him to be American or Russian, I don’t want him to be Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Mohammedan. All these are meaningless.

History is full of all this nonsense, and because of this, man has stopped growing thousands of years ago. I want man to be completely clean of the past, so he can become totally available to the present and to the future.

The number of sannyasins will be increasing every day, faster and faster, for two reasons. The politicians are creating the situation - I am not converting anybody - the politicians are creating the situation in which, if they succeed, this whole beautiful life on the earth will be destroyed. And the politicians can disappear only if nations disappear; war can disappear only if nations disappear.

My people belong to no nation. They claim the right of the whole earth.

The religious leaders, on the other hand, have led people to a very dangerous disease: AIDS. Politicians have come to nuclear weapons - that is their logical end - and religious leaders have come to AIDS.

AIDS is a by-product of the monasteries, nunneries and the preachers who have been telling people to remain celibate. If you put people.men confined in one place, women confined in another place, you are preparing the ground for homosexuality. Nobody can be celibate, it is against nature. It is against your physiology, against your biology, against your chemistry. So just taking a vow of celibacy is not going to change the whole program of your biochemistry. Then your biology will find some roundabout way - that’s what perversion is.

And that homosexuality has ultimately culminated in this disease, AIDS, which is going to take over the whole world like wildfire. My communes will be the only refuge, because only in my communes I am trying to destroy all kinds of perversions and bring people back to nature, to their natural being; respecting their bodies, loving their bodies, and trying to understand that sex is natural only with the opposite pole. Only a man and a woman can create authentic orgasm. All other ways of orgasm are just phony, and in the name of orgasm nothing is achieved, cannot be achieved.

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