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Chapter 25: You Need a Divine Discontent

I have thought again and again about his mind. Is it conceivable that he did not think that this bomb is going to destroy almost two hundred thousand people? Can’t he say, “No”? Is it not better to be shot by the general for not following the order, than to kill two hundred thousand people? Perhaps the idea never occurred to him.

The army works in such a way as to create loyalty - it starts with small things. One wonders why every soldier for years has to go for parades and follow stupid orders - left turn, right turn, go backwards, go forwards - for hours, for no purpose at all. There is a hidden purpose in it. His intelligence is being destroyed. He is being turned into an automaton, into a robot. So when the order comes, “Left turn,” the mind does not ask, “Why?” If somebody else says to you, “Left turn,” you are going to ask, “What nonsense is this? Why should I left turn? I’m going right!” But the soldier is not supposed to doubt, to inquire; he has simply to follow. This is his basic conditioning for loyalty.

It is good for the kings and for the generals that armies should be loyal to the point that they function like machines, not like men. It is comfortable for parents that their children are loyal, because a child who is a rebel is a problem. The parents may be wrong, and the child may be right, but he has to be obedient to the parents - that is part of the training of the old man that has existed up to now.

I teach you the new man in whom loyalty has no place, but instead intelligence, inquiry, a capacity to say “No.” To me, unless you are capable of saying “No” your “Yes;” is meaningless - your “Yes” is just recorded on a gramophone record. You cannot do anything; you have to say, “Yes” the “No” simply does not arise in you.

Life and civilization would have been totally different if we had trained people to have more intelligence. So many wars would not have happened because people would have asked, “What is the reason? Why should we kill people - people who are innocent?” But they are loyal to one country and you are loyal to another country, and both the countries’ politicians are fighting and sacrificing their people. If the politicians love to fight so much they can have a wrestling match, and people can enjoy it just like any football match.

But the kings and the politicians, the presidents and the prime ministers don’t go to war. The simple people, who have nothing to do with killing others, go to war to kill and to be killed. They are rewarded for their loyalty; they are given the Victoria Cross or other kinds of awards - for being inhuman, for being unintelligent, for being mechanical.

Maneesha, you asked me, “To me, the concept of loyalty has overtones of duty, and honor, and belief.”

It has not only overtones. It is nothing but the combination of all these diseases - belief, duty, respectability. They all are nourishment for your ego. They are all against your spiritual growth, but they are in favor of the vested interests.

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