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Chapter 6: Guilt Is Inverted Revenge

To accept that one million people are suffering from AIDS in one country.. The problem is, what are the politicians going to do about it? Nothing can be done about it. There is no possibility, according to the scientists, to cure it. It is just like death, a slow death. You cannot cure death, slow or fast. And it looks ugly for nations to recognize it. Many nations have not even bothered to have a census about how many people are homosexual because they are potential AIDS patients. Doctors are afraid to tell anybody they have AIDS because then they will have to be admitted into a hospital.

The disease is such as man has never known. Anything coming out of the body.perspiration can infect you. If you shake hands with a man who has AIDS and his hand is perspiring, you can get it. Kissing should now be absolutely prohibited, because through your saliva.that is the best way for the virus to be passed on, from one mouth to another mouth.

It is very strange that only one primitive tribe of Eskimos have never kissed. And when for the first time Christian missionaries arrived to convert them to Christianity, the Eskimos could not contain themselves laughing when they saw them kissing each other. Such a dirty habit! Saliva carries all kinds of viruses, all kinds of diseases. Particularly, kissing is not anything like as good as the poets have been praising it to be. It is certainly a dirty habit.

Eskimos also express their love. But love should be expressed in a cleaner way: they rub their noses with each other. Noses are very clean and cool - unless they are running. Those periods are avoided; Eskimos never kiss noses if their noses are running!

Sexual contact is bound to give AIDS to the partner who did not have it. A mother’s milk can give AIDS to her children. You will be surprised to know that there are now children who were born with AIDS - because the father must have been suffering from AIDS and the sperm carried the virus into the mother’s womb - small children.. When I condemned it in a world press conference, journalists laughed at me, politicians laughed at me. And they said that I was unnecessarily making a small thing too big, because I said that two-thirds of humanity is going to die through AIDS. I proposed what precautions should be taken, and now many civilized countries have adopted the same procedures - without, of course, mentioning my name.

My name seems to be dynamite. Even my own people are afraid to utter it, what to say about others? Now the same journalists are reporting in great praise about their governments, that they are taking precautions. This could have been done three years ago and would have saved millions of people from catching the disease. Now, as far as I can see, it is uncontrollable.

Doctors don’t want to admit it, so they simply give a certificate saying that the person does not have AIDS, because to admit an AIDS patient is dangerous: for the nurses, for the doctor. Coming in contact with such a man, the best way is simply to say, “We examined you and you are negative. You don’t have AIDS. You don’t need to worry.” They have shifted their responsibility, but they have created a danger for the society. Now this man will move..

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