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Chapter 8: The Taste of Your Being

In the ancient East these religious people were our highest flowers, and even kings and emperors used to go to them to touch their feet and to be blessed - to ask their advice on problems which they were unable to solve.

If we want the world to remain alive, we have to bring back our ancient childhood days when the religious person had no interest of his own. That’s why his eyes were clear, his heart was pure love, his being was nothing but a blessing. Whomsoever came to him was healed, his problems were solved; he was given new insights into rotten old problems.

Organized religions should disappear from the world - they should drop this mask of being religious. They are simply politicians, wolves hiding themselves in the skin of sheep. They should come into their true colors; they should be politicians - there is no harm in that. And all the time they are politicians, but they are playing the game in the name of religion.

Organized religions don’t have any future.

They should drop their disguise and come truly out in front as politicians, and be part of the political world so that we can find the authentic religious individual - who will be very rare. But just a few authentic religious individuals can lead the whole world towards light, towards immortal life, towards ultimate truth.

I have been living in America while you have been traveling around the world. Now I have come here to your mystery school, to enjoy you for a few weeks before I continue my life in the West. Osho, I feel you so strongly inside of me that I don’t experience the ache of being physically away from you. I am savoring every moment of being in your presence while I am here, yet I don’t feel a longing to stay. Is it possible for the marketplace to actually be my mystery school for now? Is there anything that I can do for you out there? You are the center of the cyclone, Osho. I am so grateful, and I love you.

The love between the master and the disciple is not of the physical; hence space makes no difference. You can be far away on another star, but your heart will be still beating with me. That is the only closeness, the real closeness; otherwise, you can be sitting by my side and still you may be wandering somewhere on some other star.

I am not interested in your physical body, where it is; I am interested in your being, that it is centered. I am interested in your love - that it reaches to as many people as possible.

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