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Chapter 26: The Circle Can Be Broken

I hear you often say that the politicians and the priests are exploiting and cheating people, as if they are a different race from outer space, forced upon us.

My understanding is, rather, that these politicians and priests just come out from amongst us, so we are totally responsible for their doings, and complaining about them seems like complaining about ourselves. Is not a politician and a priest hidden in every one of us? Would you please comment?

The politicians and the priests are certainly not coming from outer space; they are growing amongst us. We also have the same lust for power, the same ambition to be holier than others. They are the most successful people as far as these ambitions and desires are concerned.

Certainly we are responsible, but it is a vicious circle so we are not the only ones who are responsible. The successful politicians and priests go on conditioning the new generations for the same ambitions; they make the society, they cultivate its mind and conditioning. They are also responsible - and they are more responsible than the common people, because the common people are victims of all kinds of programs that are being imposed upon them.

The child comes into the world without any ambition, without any lust for power, without any idea that he is higher, holier, superior. Certainly he cannot be responsible. Those who bring him up - the parents, the society, the educational system, the politicians, the priests - the same gang goes on spoiling every child. Of course in his own turn, he will spoil.but it is a vicious circle. From where to break it?

I insist on condemning the priests and the politicians, because that is the place from where it can be broken. Condemning the small children coming into the world is not going to help. Condemning the common masses is also not going to help, because they have been already conditioned - they are being exploited. They are suffering, they are miserable. But nothing wakes them up - they are fast asleep. The only point where our condemnations should be concentrated is on those who have the power, because they have the power to contaminate the future generations. If they can be stopped we can have a new man.

I know that everybody is responsible. Whatever happens, in some way or other, everybody has his own part in it. But to me what is important is whom to hit, so that for the new generation of children the vicious circle can be avoided. Humanity has been revolving in it for centuries. That’s why I don’t condemn the common masses, I don’t condemn you. I condemn those who are now in a position that if they just relax a little bit as far as their vested interests are concerned, and look at the miserable mass of humanity, a transformation is possible - the circle can be broken.

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