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Chapter 6: Only Fools Choose to Be Somebody

Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is going to hold a national debate on the need for separating politics from religion. We would love to hear your vision on this question.

Politics is mundane - the politicians are the servants of the people. Religion is sacred - it is the guide for people’s spiritual growth. Certainly, politics is the lowest as far as values are concerned, and religion the highest as far as values are concerned. They are separate.

Rajiv Gandhi wants religion not to interfere with politics; I want politics not to interfere with religion. The higher has every right to interfere, but the lower has no right.

Religion has been raising human consciousness for centuries. Whatever man is now, whatever little consciousness he has, the whole credit goes to religion. Politics has been a curse, a calamity; and whatever is ugly in humanity, politics is responsible for.

But the problem is that politics has power; religion has only love, peace and the experience of the divine. Politics can easily interfere with religion; and it has been interfering all along, to such an extent that it has destroyed many religious values which are absolutely necessary for the survival of humanity and life on this earth.

Religion has no mundane power like nuclear weapons and atom bombs and guns; its dimension is totally different. Religion is not a will to power; religion is a search for truth, for God. And the very search makes the religious man humble, simple, innocent.

Politics has all the destructive weapons - religion is absolutely vulnerable. Politics has no heart - religion is pure heart. It is just like a beautiful roseflower: its beauty, its poetry, its dance makes life worth living, gives life meaning and significance. Politics is like a stone, dead, but the stone can destroy the flower and the flower has no defense. Politics is aggressive.

Rajiv Gandhi is putting things upside down. He wants religion not to interfere with politics. Politics should have the whole monopoly to enslave humanity, to reduce men to slaves, to destroy their freedom, to destroy their consciousness; to convert them into robots so that the politicians can enjoy the power and the domination.

Religion is the only problem for the politicians. It is beyond their reach and beyond their understanding. Religion is the only area where politics should not interfere at all, because religion is the only hope.

Politics, for centuries, has been just killing, destroying people - the whole history of politics is the history of criminals, murderers. In three thousand years, politicians have created five thousand wars. It seems that inside the politician, the barbarous instinct is very powerful; its only joy is to destroy, to dominate.

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