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Chapter 24: Infallibility: Just a Popedream

Why are you against the Christian pope? Isn’t the pope infallible? Why do you call him, again and again, “Pope the Polack”?

I am not against anyone in the whole world, for the simple reason that I have no vested interest in anything at all, not even in my own life.

My purpose is fulfilled.

If I die this very moment, there will be no complaint, because I will not be leaving anything incomplete.

Enmity arises when somebody hinders you in your ambition. But I don’t have any ambition. I don’t want to be the pope.

There will be cardinals all around the earth who are against the pope because they all want to be pope. He himself was a cardinal and must have been ambitious to be the pope. He must have prayed to God, about the pope he hoped to succeed, “Let this old guy die soon.” And he did die really very soon: he was only pope for ten or twelve months.

It is something worth noticing. Down through all the centuries popes have been dying like flies. It seems that once you become a pope the whole existence is against you. I think it must be because of all these cardinals and bishops and ministers and priests; they are all hoping one day to become the pope, that is their only ambition. They all must be praying, “God, call this man back home.” And although there is no God, so many prayers cannot go unheard. You will be surprised-without God, how can prayers be heard? There is no need for God. Just so many people desiring your death can create enough energy to kill you.

So even though there is no God - Buddha has no God in his religion, but he says to his sannyasins, “After each prayer, never forget to distribute your virtue.” It is worth understanding. He says, “When you pray or meditate you attain to a certain virtue, a purity, a compassion, a certain quality of love, a spiritual fragrance. Don’t hold it, immediately disperse it. Give it back to the universe from where it has come to you.” So the last thing in every meditation, according to Buddha, is: “Whatsoever my meditation has given to me - the bliss, the joy - I give it back to the whole universe.”

There is no God, no distributing agency. But there is no need: your wishing it is enough. Existence is not dead; it is alive, it is overflowing with life. It may not have ears to hear you, it may not have any understanding of your language, but it has life energy to feel you, to absorb your deeply - felt prayer.

I am reminded of one thing.

In India, for thousands of years, the snake has been worshipped. There are snake charmers all over India who play a certain tune on a special kind of flute, and snakes start coming out of their holes almost intoxicated with the tune. They dance in front of the snake charmer who is playing on his flute.

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