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Chapter 18: One God, One Messenger, One Book - One Big Lie

I have heard a story.

It has been happening for centuries that every year on a particular day in the Vatican, the chief rabbi of the city comes with roll in his hand to Saint Peter’s Square where the pope waits for him. Jews and Christians gather in thousands to see this meeting of the pope and the chief rabbi, but what transpires between them, nobody knows. The rabbi bows down, gives the roll to the pope. The pope bows down - that’s all.

The next morning, the roll is sent back to the rabbi to keep for the next year. For two thousand years no pope bothered to look into it, but this Polack pope became curious: what is this? What kind of convention is this that has been going on and on? And every time the rabbi gives it to the pope and the next morning it has to be sent back, ceremoniously - the same roll goes back. What exactly is in it? He opened the roll. It was very ancient - two thousand years old. And do you know what he found? It was the bill for the last supper! The Jews were still asking, “Pay for it at least.” And of course Jesus died without paying, so.

Religion is basically rebellion against dead traditions, meaningless conventions.

It is a revolution to bring the birth of a new man, of a new consciousness.

The cult is not concerned with the new man. The cult does not want the new man ever to be born, because with the old, things are so at ease, why create trouble? Who knows what the new man will be?

And they are right. The new man is going to be trouble. He is not just going to accept any idiotic concept; he will ask questions. He is not going to be faithful. He will be basically a man of inquiry. He will doubt - he will not believe.

A religious man doubts but never believes. He inquires, because doubt leads into inquiry; and he questions till he finds the answer on his own. Then there is no question of belief or faith - he knows.

If you ask him, “Do you believe in God?” he will say no. You will be surprised - a religious man saying no! And if you ask him, “You are a religious man and you say that you don’t believe?” he will say, “Yes, I repeat it again: I don’t believe because I know; belief is for those who are blind. A blind man believes in light, a man with eyes knows. Do you believe in light?”

But the believers are docile, ready to submit, to surrender to any idiotic concept.

Now, ask the Christian, “What do you mean by the virgin birth?” - and each Christian believes in it; if you don’t believe in it you are not much of a Christian. Just a few days ago a bishop in London was thrown out of his bishophood because he said, “I don’t believe in the virgin birth.”

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