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Chapter 9: Papal Politics: Organized Superstition

The pope said, “We cannot allow even a single statement to go against the Bible for the simple reason that if one statement becomes false, God’s infallibility disappears. And if God himself is fallible, what about Jesus Christ? And what about the pope? And if God can write one thing wrong, who knows? - he may have written many things wrong. We cannot afford it.”

For three hundred years, the popes have been fighting a hard battle against each and every scientific discovery of truth. Nobody can be victorious against truth, but they have tried their best. It is the only religion that has been fighting against science - that is one of the fundamental reasons why I criticize the pope.

Even today they go on fighting science, knowing perfectly well that each time they will be defeated, and that they are fighting a losing battle. And still, they go on declaring themselves infallible.

It is amazing that people can be so shameless.

It is time they learned.

They crucified and burned Joan of Arc by the order of the pope, because he declared that she was a witch. Now on what grounds, what reasoning, what revelation? because the pope says it is so, it has to be right. The word of the pope is the law; the word of the pope is the truth. They burned a young, beautiful, courageous, intelligent woman who had fought for the freedom of the country and who had won the freedom of the country. And that was the reason for the jealousy - that a woman should become so prominent that even the pope is left behind.

She was burned because of jealousy; she had not committed any sin. The whole of Europe was shocked and slowly, slowly, people started raising their voices against her crucifixion; but it took almost three hundred years for people to be so strong about it that another pope declared Joan of Arc a great saint.

One pope burns her alive because she is a witch - she is in sexual relationship with the devil. And after three hundred years, another pope - his own descendant, his own successor, representative of the same Jesus Christ and the same God - declares that she was a saint. Her bones were taken out of the grave and worshipped, and a beautiful cathedral now stands in her memory. Now, nobody calls her just “Joan of Arc” - her name is “Saint Joan of Arc.”

The pope goes on traveling around the world preaching that birth control is against God, that any method of preventing the birth of a child is anti-God - particularly in the countries of the East where people are so poor, and they are going to become poorer and poorer every day. But the pope’s interest is not that man should live comfortably without hunger.

People should not die just because they cannot even get water, cannot get food.

And you will be surprised to know that on one hand, the pope goes on talking against birth control methods, and on the other, the Vatican has a hidden factory where they create birth control pills - because it is good business; it brings millions of dollars.

You call such people religious?

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