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Chapter 15: Transformation, Not Consolation

Any time, close your eyes and you will find the dream is there, running. The dream is always there. You are listening to me, and a dream will be there. You are walking on the road, and the dream is moving inside you. Of course when you are awake your attention is divided: you have to be alert to the outside world, otherwise people think you are spaced out. You are not spaced out, you are spaced in! Your attention is no more out. You are clouded with dreams and you have forgotten the objective world. Six hours in the night, and how many hours in the day? Nobody has yet measured how many hours in the day. I don’t think that you have even two hours in a day, just as you have in the night, without dreams.

I don’t think you have two hours in a day without dreams, because if you can have two hours without dreams, fully awake, those two hours will become your meditation. They will reveal immensely valuable secrets to you.

But ordinary humanity, the average man, needs dreams. Why? - because life, in reality, is so unsatisfactory, so ugly, so stinkingly ugly. Those dreams substitute for it. They are beautiful. They bring fragrance in your life, hope, fiction. They help you to remain sane. The reality will drive you insane.

And to me, God, the Holy Ghost and the Son, and the pope, the infallible pope - of course he has to be infallible, he represents the messiah, the only begotten son of God; how can he be fallible? - the infallible pope.. And every religion has similar things. You need these people - they are fictions created by your misery, and cunning people using your misery to exploit you and to have their power trip.

The politician needs these people also. Even a mad politician like Adolf Hitler needs the blessings of God. If there is no God, who is going to bless Adolf Hitler? And the chief Christian priest in Germany blesses him. Now see the miracle: Adolf Hitler is being blessed by God’s priest: “You will succeed.” Churchill is being blessed in England by the same God’s priest: “You will be successful.” Benito Mussolini is blessed by the pope himself: “You will be successful.” And nobody sees the contradiction, that one God, one infallible pope.and this German priest is under the pope!

But the pope has to bless Benito Mussolini, otherwise Mussolini will throw him out and put somebody else as the pope who is ready to bless him. Benito Mussolini is not a fascist when he is in power. Even the pope says, “He is the most wise man, the most democratic, most human” - Benito Mussolini! And the same pope, after Benito Mussolini is defeated, will declare him a fascist. And these are infallible people. Now another politician is there who has to be blessed, who is against Benito Mussolini; they will bless him too.

Can’t you see a simple conspiracy between the priest and the politician? The masses are befooled. The priest gives the sanction from God: certifies that this is the right man to be the president, this is the right man to be the vice-president, the prime minister. Of course the politician needs it because the masses will listen to the priest: the priest is impartial, he has nothing to do with politics, he is above politics - he is not! The priest is in the hands of the politicians.

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