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Chapter 23: Ten Non-Commandments

One can argue against Gautam Buddha. At least there is something in it - you may agree, you may not agree. But Christianity has nothing in it - you cannot even argue against it, it is simply baseless. It is a great hypocrisy. The pope, the archbishops, the bishops, the cardinals and the priests - none of them have experienced anything; none of them have ever said that they have experienced anything. And they are millions in number, and they are converting others to their religion. They don’t know anything of what religion is. Perhaps that’s why they have such a great appeal for all the idiots. The mediocre mind does not want to experience or even at least to be intelligently convinced. It simply wants to believe: the cheapest thing in the world. Christianity provides belief. You believe and you are saved. And who are these saviors?

Just the other day, I was brought news from a monastery in Europe. It is an old monastery, and now it is divided into two parts. Half of the monks have declared that they are homosexuals - so they are worshipping separately and they have occupied almost half the grounds and the church. And you should not think that the other half are celibate; most probably they are not courageous enough to say what the other brothers have said.

When I was in America, in Texas the government passed a law against homosexuality. Now, Texas is a backward state in America: homosexuality became illegal, criminal, and one million people protested against the law - if there are one million homosexuals in Texas, then what about California?

In parliament in Holland they discussed why they have not allowed me entry into Holland. And the minister concerned said strange things. But nobody in parliament raised the question: “What nonsense are you talking?”

One can understand. He said it was because I have been speaking against the pope. To speak against the pope is not a crime - in no country’s constitution, and in no country’s law is it a crime to speak against the pope. But it can be understood. Secondly he said that I have been speaking against Mother Teresa. But is this a crime?

And thirdly - the most important - is that I have been speaking against homosexuality. Has the whole of Holland gone homosexual? Then change the name from Holland to “Homosexual-land” - because in parliament nobody raised the simple question that: “This is nonsense; we are not homosexuals.” They may be Catholics, they may believe in the pope.

Christianity teaches celibacy, and celibacy is unnatural. It creates homosexuals, lesbians. And finally it has brought the disease AIDS, which is another name for death - because there is no medicine, no medical cure for it. The pope who served just before this pope was a world-famous homosexual. Before becoming a pope, he was the archbishop of Milan, and all of Milan laughed because he was continually moving around with his boyfriend. When he became the pope, he took his boyfriend to the Vatican; the boyfriend became his secretary. And everybody knew, the whole of Milan knew, the whole Vatican knew, but nobody raised the question. It seems Christianity has created the most unintelligent people in the world.

I have heard: a man and woman were making love in their bed, and suddenly a car drove into the garage. The woman said to the man, “Wake up, wake up! My husband is coming; it is certainly his car. Just get in the closet.”

So the man jumped into the closet.