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Chapter 9: Papal Politics: Organized Superstition

I am not saying anything myself. Those five hundred pages are there in the Bible and those ten associations at least could have looked in their Bibles to see what I am talking about; otherwise in the court they will look absolutely foolish.

Now, they are creating agitation in every country for homosexuality to be made a severe crime. And everybody in the world knows that Pope Paul the Sixth was a homosexual. Before he became the pope, he was the cardinal in Milan - and that was the talk of the town. The whole of Milan was surprised that he was always seen with his boyfriend - a young, beautiful man. Knowing this perfectly well.still he became the pope. And the moment he became pope, his boyfriend was called to the Vatican, and the boyfriend became the secretary. Ordinarily, the secretary becomes the girlfriend; here, it was just a little different.but the same story.

And it has never been denied by the Vatican; they could not deny it - it was so factual. But if you say it, that means you are against the pope. I am not against the pope. I am just in favor of truth.

But perhaps this kind of thing begins with the virginity of Mary and the birth of Jesus. I have heard.it is a story of the future, because this Polack pope seems to be very slow to die. Popes ordinarily have died within an average of one or two years at the most because by the time they become popes, they are always around the age of seventy-five, seventy-eight. And they must have been hoping that this Polack would also die - but they don’t know Polacks. He has completely forgotten about dying; and he is enjoying his popehood so greatly - no other pope has ever done such things.

He is continuously touring around the world, and the Vatican is getting into debt: nine million dollars he has spent on traveling. The last time he went to Australia, just two days before him the British queen had also gone to Australia. More money was spent on the pope’s visit to Australia than on that of the queen of England. And these are the people who say, “Blessed are the poor.”

But finally, the Polack pope died and went to heaven with pomp and circumstance. At the pearly gates, Saint Peter stopped him and said, “Hey, you can’t walk in just like that. Who are you?”

The pope answered, “Well, I am your very own representative on earth. I am the pope.”

Saint Peter said, “Pope? My representative? I have never heard of you.”

The pope, puzzled, said, “Ah, just tell God I am here. He will tell you to let me in.”

Saint Peter yelled, “Hey, boss, a guy here says he is the pope. Do you know him?”

God answered, “Never heard of him.” The pope said, “Strange, but ask Jesus. He knows me.”

Saint Peter yelled, “Hey, sonny. There is a guy here says he is the pope. You know him?” Jesus answered, “No.”

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