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Chapter 26: Your Aloneness Cannot Be Destroyed

If others who are full of life and energy become celibate, they will be destroyed fighting with themselves. They will destroy themselves fighting with their nature, and they can never be victorious. Nature is far bigger than you. You are just a tiny part, almost invisible. Nature is as big, as wide as the sky itself. You cannot fight with it.

And it is very strange that nobody has said that celibacy should be illegal, that anybody trying to be celibate is mad! But all the religions insist that celibacy is something spiritual, something respectable, something divine.

Strange, if there is a God, why does he go on giving you sexual energy? God gives you the sexual energy, and his representatives on the earth - the prophets, the messiahs, the popes, the imams - they are all against sex. To summarize: they are all against their God! And God has not listened to them even up to now. Each child comes fully equipped.

Celibacy is the root cause of homosexuality, of all kinds of sexual perversions. But the priests have been reaping a good crop out of your perversions. The more perverted you are, the more you are in the hands of the priest, for the simple reason that you start feeling guilty. Going against nature makes you feel guilty, makes you feel disgusting, makes you feel unacceptable to yourself. You cannot have the dignity of a man if you are perverted. You lose all pride of being a man, the highest expression of evolution - consciousness. You hide your perversions.

And remember, sex is not a problem, perversions are. Men have been making love to other men. Men have been making love to animals. Naturally, you will try to hide the fact that you are making love to animals. You have degraded yourself. You have reduced yourself to the state of animals.

And it is strange that now Jerry Falwell-type idiots are telling people that AIDS is a punishment from God for homosexuality. That means all the people who have been the cause of creating it should be punished. Rather than punishing the popes, the imams, the shankaracharyas, the heads of other religions, he is punishing the poor victims. All shankaracharyas and all popes, and all imams, Ayatollah Khomeinis - these are the people who should suffer the punishment.

But this man, Jerry Falwell, is only a mouthpiece for all these popes, Ayatollah Khomeinis, shankaracharyas. He is saying that it is punishment from God for homosexuality.

But I would like to ask him a question. What has happened? God has suddenly changed his mind? - he has never been favorable to women up to now but lesbians are not punished by AIDS. Strange! God has always been a male chauvinist. For the first time he is punishing men. Lesbians are not suffering from AIDS, they are not being punished.

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