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Chapter 15: Now Meditation Is Needed Even More

I am grateful for your understanding. But it is not that your love is not enough for me. You love me more than anybody has ever been loved. You cannot let me down.

Telling you that it is up to you to wear malas or not, it is up to you to be in red clothes or not, is not out of any hurt feeling in me. Nobody can hurt me - that is impossible, because in the first place I never expect anything from anybody. So disappointment is impossible.

I have said these things because I love you, and I want you to be responsible and to take decisions on your own so that no fascist kind of regime again fetters you and destroys you. I cannot be with you always. One day I will have to leave my body, and then there will be every possibility of people exploiting you, becoming your leaders.

That was the great hope of Sheela that I shattered. She wanted to be the high priestess of the latest religion. When I said nobody is going to succeed me, and nobody is going to represent me, that was the day she started thinking of leaving, because her whole desire was to become the high priestess.

I am not going to create Popes, Shankaracharyas, Ayatollah Khomeiniacs; each and every sannyasin who loves me individually inherits all the treasures of my being, experience, love, blissfulness. Nobody is going to be the priest. Then you create another Vatican.

We are tortured by these Popes, Shankaracharyas, Imams, Rabbis. It is time that man is freed from all these fetters. It is out of my love that I want you to be free, totally free, no dependence, no father figure, nobody between you and your truth, no mediator. That’s why I will destroy everything that can create the old mistake all religions have fallen into.

Tomorrow I am going to have a world press conference in which the book Rajneeshism will be put to fire and burned. I don’t want you to be Rajneeshees; one Rajneesh is enough. You have to be yourself.

You loved me, I am grateful for it, but I don’t want you to imitate me. Imitators are phony. Imitators are bound to be unnatural, because they are going against their potential.

Nature produces each individual as unique. In twenty-five centuries, how many Buddhist monks have been trying to become Gautam Buddha? Not a single one has succeeded. For two thousand years, how many Christian monks have been trying to become Jesus Christ? None of them has succeeded. And the same is the story around the earth in all the religions.

Still we are blind; we can’t see a simple fact, that Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed - or anybody, known or unknown - is unique, unrepeatable.

Nature does not like carbon copies. Nature loves original faces.

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