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Chapter 10: The Alpha Is the Omega

Once realized that this is your own negativity which creates the problem, it falls by itself. Then there is a beauty, when the negative mind falls by itself. If you try to drop it, it will cling, because the very effort to drop it shows that your understanding is not mature. All renunciation is immaturity; you are not ripe for it. That’s why effort is needed to drop it. “I am carrying rubbish. Do I need any effort to drop it, except the understanding that this is rubbish? If I need any effort to drop it, that means I am supplementing my understanding with effort.”

Understanding itself is not enough, that’s why effort is needed. All those who have known, they say effort is needed because your understanding is not there. It may be an intellectual thing, but you have not really felt the situation, otherwise you simply drop it.

A snake passes on the path; you simply jump. There is no effort in the jump, you don’t decide to jump. You don’t make a logical syllogism within yourself that there is a snake, and wherever there is a snake there is danger; hence I must jump. You don’t make a logical step by step syllogism. Even Aristotle will jump. Later on he can make the syllogism, but right now, when the snake is there, the snake doesn’t bother about your logic - the whole situation is so dangerous. The very understanding that the situation is dangerous is enough.

For the negative to drop, no effort is needed, only understanding. Then arises the real problem: how to drop the positive? - because it is so beautiful. And for you who have not known the beyond, it is the ultimate in happiness - to be so happy. Look at a couple in love; look at their eyes, the way they walk hand in each other’s hand: they are happy. Tell them to drop this positive mind and they will think, “Are you crazy?” They have been waiting for this, and now it has happened. And here comes a buddha who says, “Drop it.”

When somebody is succeeding, reaching higher and higher on the ladder, tell him to drop it. But that is his very purpose, in his own eyes. And if he even thinks to drop it, he knows he will drop into misery, because from the positive where will you move?

You know only two possibilities: positive or negative. If you drop the positive you move to the negative. That’s why the negative has to be dropped first so that it is not possible to move to the negative. Otherwise, if you drop the positive, immediately the negative enters. If you are not happy, then what will you be? - unhappy! If you are not silent, what will you be? - a chatterbox! Hence drop the negative first so one alternative is closed, you cannot move that way. Otherwise energy has a routine movement from positive to negative, from negative to positive. If the negative exists, there is every possibility the moment you drop the positive you will become the negative.

When you are not happy you will be unhappy; you don’t know that there is a third possibility also. That third possibility opens only when the negative has been dropped and then you drop the positive. For a moment there will be a pause. Energy cannot move anywhere, not knowing where to move. The negative door is closed, the positive has been closed. You will be for a moment.and that moment will look like eternity. It will look very, very long - never-ending.

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