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Chapter 13: Shadows of the Dead

I am not changing the meaning of the word; I am making it complete. The meaning that has been given to it is only half.just the negative meaning; and no negative can be without a positive. It is true, the word rebel comes from Latin, rebellare, fighting back. But that is only half of the meaning; the other half has been missing for centuries, from the very beginning. Nobody has bothered to complete the whole meaning of the word. Fighting against is only the beginning part. But fighting for what?

And it is not only with the word rebel, it is with many words. Freedom has only a negative nuance in people’s minds - freedom from. But nobody asks about freedom for. Freedom from is an essential part, but only a negative part. Unless you have a positive goal, your freedom from is meaningless. You should also be clearly aware of what you are fighting for: What is the goal of your freedom?

Rebel and rebellion have been condemned, and this is part of the condemnation - that they have been given only the negative meaning by the linguists in the dictionaries. Nobody has raised the question, “Rebellion for what?” - which should be very essential to ask. To me, the negative part is only the beginning, but not the end. The positive part is the end, and completes the whole circle.

You rebel against that which is dead, and you rebel for that which is living. You rebel against superstitions, and you rebel for truth. Otherwise, what is the need to rebel against superstitions? Every rebellion is incomplete and futile if it is only negative. Only the positive will make it meaningful, significant.

And always remember about all words - if the society has kept only the negative meaning, that means it is against those words. Not only is it against actual rebellion, it is even against the word rebellion; it has given it a color which is negative. To give it a positive color, a positive beauty, will mean a support for it.

I am not changing the meaning, I am simply completing it; it has been incomplete too long. It needs completion, and the last finishing touches, so that it can regain the beauty which has been taken away from it.

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