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Chapter 9: Riding on a Miracle

The philosopher only speculates, he never experiments. He goes on asking ad infinitum, “Why?” And the question is such that whatsoever the answer, it can be asked again - “Why?” There is no possibility of any conclusion through philosophy. Philosophy remains in a state of non-conclusion. It is a futile activity, it leads nowhere.

The politician simply wants to possess the world, to own it. He is the most dangerous of all because he is the most violent. His interest in life is not in life itself but in his own power. He is power-hungry, power-mad; he is a maniac, he is destructive. The moment you possess something alive you kill it, because the moment something becomes a property it is no longer alive. Possess a tree and it is no longer alive. Possess a woman or a man and you have killed them. Possess anything and death is the outcome, because only death can be possessed.

Life is freedom. It remains basically free. You cannot possess it, you cannot put it into the bank, you cannot draw a line around it. You cannot say, “This is mine”; to say so is disrespectful, to say so is egoistic, to say so is mad.

Life possesses us. How can we possess it? We have to be possessed by life more and more. The whole gestalt has to change: from being possessive one has to become capable of being possessed by the whole.

The politician never comes to know the truth of life.

The religious person participates. He dances with life, he sings with existence, he helps life, he is surrendered to existence and he is not detached and aloof. He does not really ask any question, he is not after knowledge; his whole effort is how to be in harmony with existence, how to be totally one with it. Hence the Eastern word for the ultimate experience: samadhi.

It comes from two words. Sam - sam means together with. The same root “sam” has moved into English too; it is in “sympathy,” it is in “symphony.” A little bit changed it is in “synthesis,” “synchronicity.” Sam means together with. Adhi means the lord, God. Samadhi means union with God, to be one with God. And that is exactly the meaning of the English word religion. It means to become one with existence; not to be divided, not to remain separate but to become one. And only in this oneness does one come to know, see, experience and be.

Religion is also a great experiment - the greatest, in fact - but with a difference. Science experiments with the object, religion experiments with the subject itself. Its whole concern is: Who am I?

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