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Chapter 4: What Type of Heaven Is This?

Buddha discovered his truth. That truth disappears with Buddha. Nothing is left of it. Only words in the air. Those words you can collect, you can become very knowledgeable, a great pundit, a great scholar. But Jesus did not say that scholarship liberates. It decorates your prison in a beautiful way. You can live more comfortably in it. But it does not liberate.

Truth has to be individual. It has to be basically your own, only then it cuts the knot, otherwise not.

So you must have got confused. I go on talking to you while I am talking I am not really giving you some information. In fact I am just creating a device around you so that in that device, in that situation, you can become more alert.

For example, this question - why am I answering this? I am not giving you an answer, I am creating an answering situation. And that has a qualitatively different dimension. I am simply creating an answering situation in which you can see the fact that: Yes, your own truth can liberate you, nobody else’s; in which you come to realize, become aware, that: Right! How can anybody else’s truth liberate me? Nobody has created your bondage, nobody can create your freedom. You create your bondage, only you create your freedom.

“When all I know of love is its attachments” - no, you don’t know what love is, you know only attachments; and those attachments you don’t know as attachments, you know them as love, that is where the whole thing goes wrong. If attachment is known as attachment it drops. And I would insist again, it drops - you never drop it.

Just seeing the fact that this is an attachment, that attachment is a bondage - a beautiful word for bondage - that attachment is not love.just seeing the ugliness of attachment - it drops; then arises love. The same energy that was becoming attachment, released from attachment becomes a totally different energy; it becomes love.

But this has to be your understanding. So watch. When you are attached to a person, or you feel you love - just watch: Are you possessive? If you are possessive you are trying to kill the person, because no person can ever be possessed, only things can be possessed, not persons. How can you possess an alive person? You can possess a house, you can possess a car, you cannot possess a human being. How can you possess a child or a husband or a wife or a beloved? No. The very effort to possess says that you are trying to kill the person and change the person into a commodity, change the person into a belonging, a possession.

And all lovers go on doing this. That’s why there is so much conflict. Love is always - the so-called love of course - always a continuous fight between the lovers: both are trying to possess the other.

Through possession jealousy arises, the fear that the other may move, move to somebody else, the woman may not love you, or the man may start loving another woman. Then jealousy arises. Jealousy is the shadow of possessiveness. And when jealousy arises, fear arises. All the beauty of love is lost, the whole thing has become a disease, an illness.

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