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Chapter 10: The Eternal Play of Existence

Go on dying to the past, and you will not have any world around you with which you are attached, obsessed. Dying to the past, you die to this world. Remember, this world is created through your experience; it is your experience. Dying to experience, you are so young that you do not create any world around you. The real world is not the problem - the world around your mind is the problem.

I have heard: once it happened that a house was on fire. The master of the house was weeping, crying, and beating his chest. His whole life was destroyed. Then suddenly a man came and said, “Why are you weeping? Don’t you know? Your son has settled yesterday; the house has been sold.”

The tears disappeared and the man even started smiling. He said, “Is it so?” The house was still burning, but now his inner house was not burning. This house was not the problem, but an inner attachment.

Then the son came and said, “Yes, we were just going to settle, but it is not settled yet.”

The man’s tears started flowing. He was weeping and beating his chest, but the house was completely unaware of what was happening to this man. Within minutes everything changes - the inner world changes. If the house were not his, then he would not have any problem. The problem was not the house, but that “the house is mine.” That “mine” creates the inner world.

If you go on throwing the past away, then nothing is yours. Then nothing is your possession; you always remain without any possession. That is what sannyas is. Not that you will not use a house, not that you will not use clothes, not that you will not live in this world - but nothing will be your possession. The world of the inner mind disappears. Then the real world is beautiful. All ugliness is projected by your mind, by the dead past; then life becomes ugly.

With the living present, life is just beautiful and blissful.

Get ready for the meditation.