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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

Just see it: if you trust me - how can you trust me if you don’t trust yourself? It is impossible. If you doubt yourself how can you trust me? It is - you who are going to trust me, and you don’t trust yourself - how can you trust your trust?

It is absolutely necessary that the heart should be opened before intellect can be transformed into intelligence. That’s the difference between intellect and intelligence.

Intelligence is intellect in tune with your heart.

The heart knows how to trust.

The intellect knows how to seek and search.

There is an old Eastern story: Two beggars used to live outside a village. One was blind and one had no legs. One day the forest near the village where these beggars used to live caught fire. They were competitors of course - in the same profession, begging from the same people - and they were continually angry with each other. They were enemies, not friends.

People in the same profession cannot be friends. It is very difficult because it is a question of competition, clients - you take away somebody’s client. Beggars label their clients: “Remember that this is my man; don’t you bother him.” You don’t know to which beggar you belong, who the beggar is in whose possession you are, but some beggar on the street has possessed you. He may have fought and won the battle and now you are his possession.

I used to see a beggar near the university; one day I found him in the market. He was constantly there, near the university, because young people are more generous; older people slowly become more miserly, more afraid. Death is coming close by; now money seems to be the only thing that can help. And if they have money then others may help also; if they don’t have money, even their own sons, their own daughters, won’t bother about them. Young people can be spendthrifts. They are young, they can earn; life is there, a long life ahead.

He was a rich beggar because the university students.. In India a student reaches university only if he comes from a rich family, otherwise it is a struggle. A few poor people also get there but it is painful, arduous. I was also from a poor family. The whole night I was working as an editor of a newspaper, and in the day I went to the university. For years I could not sleep more than three or four hours - whenever I could find time in the day or in the night.

So this beggar was very strong. No other beggar could enter the university street; even entry was banned. Everybody knew to whom the university belonged - to that beggar! One day suddenly I saw a young man; the old man was not there. I asked him, “What happened? Where is the old man?”

He said, “He is my father-in-law. He has given the university to me as a gift.” Now, the university did not know that the ownership had changed, that somebody else was now the owner. The young man said, “I have married his girl.”

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