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Chapter 15: Of Justice

I have told you many times: The master gives you that which is yours already; and the master takes away from you that which has never been yours. That which is false in you he takes away and that which is real he gives an opportunity to grow, to blossom. The master can give what is his - his ecstasy, his love, his joy, his abundance of life; but he can give only that which is his. That does not mean possessions; possessions are not ours. We have come into the world naked and we will leave this world naked again - possessions belong to the world.

But our spirit.when we are born we come with thousands of potentialities. They are only seeds; hence you cannot see them. Given the right opportunity, the right effort, the right soil, they can all blossom. And you can share your joy, your blissfulness, your benediction as much as you want, because the sources are infinite.

Unless a man has such love and such blissfulness he is not worthy of being a judge. We have still to wait for a humanity where, in the colleges of law, not only law is taught, but people are encouraged to be more silent, to be more loving, to be more peaceful, to be more understanding, to be more compassionate. To give people just dead letters of the law is dangerous. Into the hands of the blind you are giving so much power. Before you give power give them love, so that power can never be misused. It is only love that can prevent power from being misused. Love is the greatest value; law is the lowest.

But it is a misery and an utterly unfortunate state that law has become the highest thing, and love is completely ignored. There is no place for love as far as law is concerned, or as far as the temples of justice, or the courts are concerned.

A great revolution is needed which transforms every law according to the laws of love. Justice should be just a shadow of love, not revengeful but respectful. It is possible; it has been possible in the lives of individuals; it is possible one day in the life of the whole of society.

.Thus spake Zarathustra.