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Chapter 30: Be Adam and Eve

But all that is needed is a deep awareness to think and to see that these are the only two possibilities. Fight with your total energy and intensity, but it is not necessary that you should be the winner. And when the other wins, rejoice in his victory too. It was a beautiful game. Don’t feel defeated. Your failure is a defeat only if you have not put your whole energy into it. If you do, you can make your failure more valuable than victory itself.

You seem to be a very serious person. Take life as a game, enjoy every side of it: the failure, the victory, going astray or finding the right path, the darkness of the night and the beautiful dawn. Enjoy both sides, all the possibilities, and learn from every experience something that brings you more maturity. And learn to be a little less serious and a little more understanding. Have a little more sense of humor. Just for you, a small story.

Three women die and arrive at the Pearly Gates, where they are met by Saint Peter. “Did you avoid sex on the earth?” he asks the first lady.

“I absolutely avoided it,” she replies.

“Very good,” says Peter. “Here is a golden key, it will open the doors of paradise.”

Then he turns to the second woman and asks, “What about you?”

“Well,” she replies, “about half and half.”

“Okay,” says Peter. “Here is a silver key, it will open the doors of purgatory.”

Then he asks the third woman, “What about you?”

“Me?” she replies. “I did all the things you can imagine and also many things you can’t imagine!”

“Great!” says Peter. “Here is the key to my room, I’ll be coming there in a minute.”