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Chapter 4: The Blessed One

Why do you call yourself Bhagwan ? Why do you call yourself God?

Because I am - and because you are. And because only “God” is. There is no other way, there is no other way to be. You may know it, you may not know it. The only choice is between ignorance and knowledge. The choice is not between whether to be a god or not to be a god; the choice is whether to recognize it or not. You can choose not to call, but you cannot choose not to be. But it has to be understood, because it is one of the most radical standpoints about life.

Life is made of one stuff. Call it “God,” call it matter, call it electricity. One thing is certain - that life consists of only one stuff. At the deepest, life is one unity. You can call it whatsoever you like. Scientists used to call it matter, now they have decided to call it electricity. Religious people decided to call it God, non-religious people decided to call it the world. But one thing is certain - that there exists only one thing.

Now, calling it A, B, C, does not matter. Whatsoever you call it, it does not change the reality, but it can change you. It will show your attitude. A person who calls the world matter, cannot grow. He has dropped all future possibilities. He has closed his door. He has denied his destiny. Now he has no opening - he is a windowless atom, a monad.closed, going nowhere. Because matter cannot have any destiny, matter cannot have any growth. Matter cannot have any potentiality. Matter cannot have any experiencing.

The moment you say that life is nothing but matter, it does not change life. Because you call it matter, it does not become matter, but by calling life matter, you become a closed thing. By calling life matter, you become a thing. You lose your personality you lose that throb of aliveness. Something inside you suddenly goes dead. Then you are a grave; you will drag. The dance will be lost. Your life will become more like prose, it will not have any poetry then.

When you call this life “God,” you bring poetry to it. You bring a vision, you open doors. You say, “More is possible.” You say, “We are not the end.” Higher realms of possibilities arise in your vision. You start dreaming. The moment you say this existence is divine, dreams become possible. Then you can live a life of adventure: God is the greatest venture, it is the greatest pilgrimage.

Calling existence divine, you bring something new to your vision. Then you are not finished, then you are not a full stop. Then you are a rushing river moving towards the ocean. By calling existence divine, you bring dynamism to your life. Then you are not stale, stagnant. Then fantastic possibilities are there. Just courage is needed, and you can go on and on.and there is no end to it.

There are only two ways to give a label to life. One is the way of the realist - he calls it matter. The other is the way of the poet, the dreamer - he calls it God.

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