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Chapter 6: Real Freedom

Why is this man ill? Diagnose, and something will be found, and the answer will be there. Why is this man not spiritual? The question is not valid, because with the question why you assume that somewhere in the situation something must be there which is obstructing the process. There is no factor. If you want to be spiritual, you can be. If you don’t want, it is up to you. It is up to you.

Even all the situations given, a buddha cannot be produced, cannot be manufactured. Really, in the life of Buddha, there are many things which will help us.

Buddha was born. He was the only son to his father, and he was born when his father was very old. The father asked the astrologers, “What is going to be the fate of my son?”

The astrologers said, “There are two possibilities: either he will become a great emperor, a chakravartin, emperor of the whole world, or he will become a sannyasin, a renunciate.”

The father asked, “What type of astrology is this? Tell me certainly what he is going to become!”

They said, “This is the only possible thing we can predict. Either he will become a sannyasin, or he will become a chakravartin.”

These are polar opposites: emperor of the whole world and a sannyasin, a monk, a beggar on the street. Everything else comes in between. These are the polar opposites.

So the father was worried and asked the pundits of the court. He called a great meeting of all the wise men of his capital and asked them what to do so that his son would not become a sannyasin, so that he would live in the world and would not leave the world. “What type of situation should be given to him and what type of education so that he never feels any urge toward spirituality?”

This was a great experiment, an experiment in causing a person to be a particular thing: “He must be a great emperor. And both the possibilities are open, so how to close one possibility and how to help only one possibility for his growth?”

They decided. They must have been very scientific. Never was such an experiment done before and never after, a very great experiment in human destiny. So they planned the whole thing. The childhood of Buddha was a planned childhood, absolutely planned. What he should eat, what he should do, with whom he should talk, who should teach him, where he should move, everything was planned.

There were great, wise old men. They said, “He must not see any suffering. He must not see any old man, he must not see any diseased man. He must not see illness, poverty. He must not become aware of the great suffering life is. He must be in a world of dreams, utopia, euphoria. He must live in illusions so real that he never feels the urge to leave the world.”

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