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Chapter 9: Intrinsic Imperfection

Things are going better.

There is no end to it. Things go on getting better and better, and that’s the beauty of it. That’s why life is eternal and has no death. Once a thing is perfect, finished, it is dead. Love remains unfinished; imperfection is intrinsic to it, and that’s its eternal life.

There is always more to be done, and the more you do, the more possibilities open. And each moment can bring so much bliss and peace, that ordinarily we cannot even dream about it - because our dreams are also part of our tense mind.

There are a few things that once you have become certain about them, you start relaxing. Once you have chosen a lover and it has become a commitment, a decisive moment has come. Until you decide, there is wavering. Once you have decided then there is no going astray. By and by the mind also leaves the fantasy part; it settles. Once you have decided that this is a commitment, that you are to be in it, remain in it, and there is no other alternative; when you have closed all the doors and only one door remains open, you simply relax, because there is no tension. Tension is always of choice. All tension, all worry, is because of possibilities, alternatives. Then there is madness, mm? Because infinite possibilities are there..

There are millions and millions of people on the earth, and each one is a potential lover to you. Each one I say, because from any of these millions of people, anybody could have become a lover to you. If you keep thinking about it, you will simply go crazy.

That’s how the West is going crazy. Now neurosis is not a disease there, it is a normal thing. And as I understand it, neurosis arises when you miss love - it is an absence of love. There are many lovers but love is missing. And love asks for you totally - less than that won’t do.

So once you are certain and you have chosen, wavering stops. Once the mind knows that the decision is ultimate, final, suddenly you will find that the thinking and the fantasies disappear. Then there may be millions of people, but there is no man except your lover; there is no woman except your beloved. Others are all on the periphery, and are no longer potential lovers. Then love takes a deep jump into being. Then you need not stand on the bank and waver - you can jump. Then things better on their own accord, and they go on bettering.

Every day more and more and higher and higher peaks will be available, but they are available only to those to whom love is a commitment.

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