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Chapter 1: An Individual Revolution

The king gave them the money, took Diogenes in his chariot, and rode towards his palace. He was immensely impressed by the man, his strength. He talked on the way, and when they reached the palace he said to Diogenes, “You are not meant to be a slave, you are a master. I free you.”

We create our life inch by inch, and whatever happens to us, nobody else is responsible for it. So the only revolution that I teach is an individual revolution.

The way is to help those people to understand that you are clinging to wrong kinds of concepts. This very earth can become a paradise, but you will have to forget the paradise that is beyond death. That is causing your trouble. This very moment can become an eternity of joy, but you will have to forget all those promises which your prophets and your saviors and incarnations of God have given to you.

Jesus says to his people, “I will come for the salvation of the whole of humanity.” One disciple asks him, “When?” And he says, “Very soon. In this very life you will see me.” Two thousand years have passed - there is no sign of Jesus anywhere. But this has been the strategy of all these people - to postpone everything for the future.

Krishna did the same thing. Five thousand years ago he said, “I will come. Whenever there is suffering, whenever there is misery, whenever the good, the virtuous people are tortured by the vicious, I will come to save you. This is a promise.”

For five thousand years everything that he said has been happening every day, every moment. The good people are tortured, the vicious are in power, the whole of humanity has lived in misery, in suffering - and there is no sign of Krishna anywhere. But this is a strategy to postpone things for an unknown future; then you cannot ask because the man is no longer there.

It is easy to promise for the future.

I promise you about the present.

Nobody has done it before. It is very easy to promise for the future. You need not deliver the goods because you will not be there and you will not be answerable. I say to you my promise is for the present, the future does not exist.

So you have to change people’s conditioning. They are not miserable unnecessarily; they are miserable because they have created a certain pattern around their beings which makes them whatever they are. Your sadness will not help them. You have to be cheerful, you have to rejoice. You have to make it emphatically clear to them that what you are saying is not only possible, you have made it actual in your life. And if thousands of sannyasins can do that.

I don’t think people want to be miserable, I don’t think they want to be in suffering, it is just that they have been taught to be in suffering and that there is no other way.

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