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Chapter 12: This Is Not Kaaba

Whatsoever you say looks logical, “The man may be just on the way - may not be yet enlightened, but on the way.” What do you mean? Does it mean “a little bit enlightened?”, “partially enlightened?” on the way - moving towards it? There is no possibility of any partial enlightenment: either it is or it is not, either you have arrived or you have not arrived, and between these two there is none. There are no mid-way stations. A man on the way means a man in the ocean - drowned, arrived, disappeared. As far as Tao is concerned, the way and the goal cannot be separated, they are not separate. That’s the beauty of Tao and the great understanding of Tao. Once there is a goal, then you will become tense, because then there will arise the desire and the ambition to achieve it. Then you will have to prepare for it: time will be needed; methods, techniques will be needed; virtue, character, will be needed. And you will always be anxious and afraid whether you are going in the right direction or not. Will you be able to make it or not? Are you going to miss it again? The fear, the anxiety, the trembling will continue, because there is a future with the goal. When the way is the goal there is no future - future is simply destroyed, time disappears.

There is no tomorrow.

Here-now everything is available, there is no need to postpone. These are the tricks of the mind which wants to postpone, the mind which wants to postpone divides the way and the goal. And then the way is also divided into many milestones, into many stages: the first, the second, the third.one goes on dividing. Then there is very much space for your mind to be projected into. Tao leaves no space for the mind. It utterly destroys the mind because there is no goal. Just think about it, contemplate it: if there is no goal, how can the mind exist? Then this moment is all there is; this is all. Desire is not possible because there is no tomorrow and there is no goal. Nothing to be achieved - then where will you go? Where will you escape? Where will you hide? The goal gives you an escape. You can hope. “:Today I am not right, tomorrow I will be right. Today I am just a beginner, tomorrow I will become an adept.” But if there is no goal, nowhere to reach, nowhere to arrive, then all tricks, devices, have been taken away, all props have been removed. Then you are left with this moment. This moment is all, and in this very moment there is liberation.

Mind liberated from desire is what liberation is. Mind no more in desire is what enlightenment is. Mind no more projecting, hoping, is what coming to the ocean is. Please don’t divide. Look at life as an undivided whole, as one whole.

The second question:

I understand what you say about the so-called knowledge, but it still persists.

Just by intellectually understanding what I say it is not going to leave you. Just intellectual understanding is not going to help. In fact, if you only understand what I am saying intellectually, this will also become another knowledge - this will add to the knowledge that you have already there; it will pile up more knowledge.

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