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Chapter 9: One Step at a Time

My Beloved Ones,

During these three days, great showers of love, peace and bliss have happened in your hearts. I am one of those birds who has no nest, but you have given me a place in your hearts - you have loved my thoughts and the outpourings of my heart. You have listened to them silently, and you have tried to understand them, and you have expressed love for them. I am grateful to you for that. I am grateful to you for what I have seen in your eyes, in your joy, in the tears that have come out of your joy.

I feel so happy. I am happy about the fact that I have been able to create a thirst for bliss in you. I feel happy that I have been able to make you feel discontented. This is what I see in my life, and perhaps this is my work - to make those who are quiet and satisfied discontented; to wake up the people who are moving along quietly and say to them that this life of theirs is not really life, that what they think of as life is just deception and death. Because a life which ends only in death cannot be considered to be life. Only a life which leads to the eternal life is truly life.

During these three days you have tried to live this true life, you have tried to focus on it. If your determination is strong, if your longing is deep, it will not be impossible to completely quench the thirst that you have quenched just a little during these days.

Tonight, at this moment of farewell, I will say a few more things to you. The first is that if the longing to experience the divine has become a flame within you, quickly put that longing into action. Someone who postpones to do something good will miss, and someone who hurries to do something bad will also miss. Someone who postpones doing good misses, and someone who hurries to do bad also misses.

This is one of life’s keys: stop and postpone when you are about to do something bad, but don’t stop and postpone when you are about to do something good.

If a good thought comes to your mind, it is helpful to start acting on it immediately because tomorrow is uncertain; the next moment is uncertain. Whether or not we will be, it is not possible to say. Before death takes us we have to prove conclusively that death alone was not meant to be our destiny. Before death, we have to learn how to experience something which is beyond death. And death can come at any time, it can come at any moment. I am talking now, and it can come this moment. So I need to be ready for it all the time; I have to be ready every moment. So don’t postpone until tomorrow. If you feel something is right, act on it immediately..

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