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Chapter 1: Cooperate with Love

Always cooperate with the heart and fight with the mind, until the mind is completely gone and the heart takes over totally. What your mind is doing is natural, but if you don’t cooperate with it, then by and by it will disappear. If you go on giving energy to it, it will destroy your love, because it is poison.

Nirakar is going soon, but don’t be worried about the future. While he is here for these three weeks, love him as deeply as possible. This is a good opportunity, because when there is a time limitation, love can become very intense, mm?

There is an old anecdote about three travelers who came to Rome. They went to see the pope who asked of the first, “How long are you going to be here?” The man said for three months. The pope said, “Then you will be able to see much of Rome.” In answer to how long he was going to stay the second traveler replied that he could only stay for six weeks. The pope said, “Then you will be able to see more than the first.” The third traveler said he would only be in Rome for two weeks, to which the pope said, “You are fortunate, because you will be able to see everything there is to see!” They were puzzled - because they didn’t understand the mechanism of the mind

Just think, if you had a life of a thousand years you would miss many things, because you would go on postponing. But because life is so short, only seventy years, one cannot afford to postpone. Yet people do postpone - and that at their own cost.

Imagine if somebody comes and tells you that you have only one day’s life left. What will you do? Will you go on thinking about unnecessary things? No, you will forget everything! You will love and pray and meditate, because only twenty-four hours are left. The real things, the essential things, you will not postpone.

And love and meditation are the two basic essentials. Meditation means to be oneself, and love means to share one’s own being with somebody else. Meditation gives you the treasure, and love helps you to share it. These are the two most basic things, and all else is nonessential.

So for these three weeks be total, and cooperate.

Whatsoever happens, allow. And don’t plan anything!


I’m feeling very mixed up right now. I’ve been having a lot of very strong and conflicting feelings and thoughts. You know, feeling really happy, happier than I’ve felt for a long time, and then two hours later I feel really depressed, and without anything having happened. Sometimes I feel really good about being here, yet other times I can’t wait to leave.

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