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Chapter 13: Tomorrow Never Comes

You have desired in many ways for millions of lives, and you are born in that particular way that you desire. And you fulfill it: a man who wants to have sex like a dog will be born like a dog; a man who is greedy like a pig will be born like a pig, so that he can fulfill his desire. You have been born in every possible way, because you have existed for eternity: like a tree, like a bird, like an animal. This is what Hindus call yonis. They say you have been born through millions of wombs, your desire has taken many forms, and you have tried through every possible dimension. Nothing has happened up to now, nothing is ever going to happen, because the very nature of desire is to remain unfulfilled. If you understand this then the future is not needed; then you can remain here and now. And when the future drops, desire drops.

Try to understand from another direction: you have tried in every way to transform yourself. You don’t remember your past lives, but you know this life; you have done everything to transform yourself. Are you even a little bit transformed? Even a little bit, I say? Are you even a little bit transformed? Or do you simply remain the old - a little polished here, a little polished there, a little modified here or there - but is there really any change? Has any mutation happened to you? And if it has not happened up to now, what reason is there to think it is going to happen in the future? And if you go on living the same way you have lived, postponing, then it is never going to happen, because postponing is a trick of the mind not to allow transformation to happen.

This is the deepest trick, and one has to understand it. Why do you postpone for tomorrow? - because you don’t want to do it now, right now. You play a logical game, you say, “Right now it is difficult, but tomorrow it will be simple.” But every tomorrow comes as today, and when tomorrow comes again it will be today and you will say, “Right now it is difficult, but tomorrow I will do it!” This is the way of the mind to feel at ease, and tomorrow never comes.

Postponing is not the way of transformation. Up to now you have been postponing, postponing again and again. Each moment you have been postponing, and that’s why you have remained the same. If you understand this, transformation is this moment; because it needs no effort, it is an awakening. It is not a question of modification, it is not a question of doing something with your self. As you are, you are perfect; as you are, you are divine; as you are, you lack nothing at all: simply awakening is needed. Just come out of your dreaming and your sleep, just open your eyes and see the fact, and the fact transforms: suddenly you are no longer the past.

When you drop the future, the past is dropped immediately. This is one of the fundamental laws of life: if you can drop the future, the past drops immediately because it cannot remain there. It is just like making a bridge on a river. The bridge needs two banks to exist. If one bank disappears, the other bank alone cannot support the bridge; the bridge falls, everything disappears. The past and the future are the two banks, and between these two you have made a bridge of desire. You are always going somewhere, always going somewhere. If you are not reaching, then the mind says, “Move fast!”

This is why the whole modern trend is for speed. The mind says, “You are not reaching because your speed is not great enough. The goal is just there, you can see it is attainable tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow at the most; the goal is there, you can see it on the horizon. Your speed is not great enough: move fast, run! Create new mechanisms for speed and you will reach.”

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