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Chapter 8: Truth: Your Birthright

My Beloved Ones,

Someone has asked:

What is truth? Is it possible to know it partially? And if not, then what can one do to attain it? Because it is not possible for every person to be a sage.

First, each person has the potential to become a sage. It is a different matter if someone does not transform this potential into a reality. It is a different matter if a seed is unable to grow into a tree, but every seed has the intrinsic capacity for becoming a tree. Every seed has this potential. That it does not become one is an entirely different matter. If it does not get fertilized, does not find any soil, does not get any water or light, the seed will die, that is possible, but the seed did have the potential.

Each and every person has the potential to become a sage. That is why you should first of all drop this idea from your mind that to become enlightened is the special privilege of only some people. To become enlightened is not the right of any special people. And the people who have spread this idea are only doing it to feed their egos. If someone says that it is very difficult to become enlightened and possible for only very few people, it nourishes their ego. This is just a way for some people to fulfill their ego. Otherwise, everyone has the potential to be a sage, because there is space and opportunity for everyone to experience truth.

I said it is another thing if you don’t experience it. For that, only you will be responsible, your potential will not be responsible. All of us sitting here have the power to get up and walk, but if we don’t walk and go on sitting, then what? You discover your powers by making them active; you don’t know them until you use them.

Right now you are just sitting here, and no one can know that you have the capacity to walk. And if you look inside yourself, even you will not be able to locate this capacity to walk. You will not be able to find it. You will only know whether you have the capacity to walk after you try to walk. And only after you go through the process of trying to become enlightened will you know if you have the potential or not. Those who don’t try will definitely feel that only some people have this potential. This is wrong.

So the first thing: you have to understand that to attain to truth is everyone’s right, it is everyone’s birthright. In this respect no one has any special rights.

And the second thing which has been asked is: “What is truth? And is it possible to know it partially?”

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