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Chapter 1: The Absolute Host

As your mind ceases thinking and you become detached from your body, a tremendous silence descends over you and a luminous being is revealed which I’m calling the buddha.

The buddha simply means the awakened one. Everyone has the potential. Very few have realized it, but everybody has the potential. If you don’t realize, nobody is responsible for it except you. And it is so close..

But this is the difficulty: when things are very obvious we tend to forget them. We can see far away but we cannot see inwards.

In fact our whole education, our culture, our civilization, prepares us to be someone in the world, to have some great achievement. No culture teaches its children that “You don’t have to become anybody, you just go in and find out who you are.” And unless we find a culture, an educational system in the world which helps people to find their buddhahood, we will remain barbarians.

Ryusui says:

Emptiness is a name for nothingness, a name for ungraspability, a name for mountains, rivers, the whole earth.

I would like to say, the whole universe is utterly empty - but this emptiness is not negative.

Now even physicists have come to understand.. New stars are born every day; old stars die every day. One can ask, from where do the new stars come.? As far as God is concerned, he started creation six thousand years ago and he did his job in six days. The seventh day he went on holiday and since then he has not been seen anywhere. Such a long holiday! One thing is certain: that the world he created must have been created in six days because it is such a mess. You cannot create a better world in six days.

I have heard that when Henry Ford died he encountered God - it is just a rumor, I cannot authorize you to spread it. God asked Henry Ford, “You are a great, intelligent man; you have made such great cars. What do you think of my creation?”

Henry Ford said, “Just bullshit! Your creation.”

God said, “You should behave like a Christian! This is not good to use such words. And what is wrong with the world?”

He said, “Everything is wrong! For example, man has no reverse gear. He cannot go back into childhood, come back again young, go forward and become old and then come back again. An ordinary, intelligent person can understand that a reverse gear would have been of great help. And you have put man’s pleasure-point in such an ugly and dirty place - between two exhaust pipes! And you think yourself a great creator.and anyway, where have you been all this time?”

But I don’t know - this is a gossip.

I don’t want to hurt anybody’s religious feelings.

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