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Chapter 23: I Stand for the Whole Man

Science has to be given a new turn so that it becomes a bridge between man and nature. And the same science that has created atom bombs and nuclear weapons can also create a far greater consciousness for man, far healthier human beings, more beautiful trees, bigger flowers. This planet, although it is very small, contains the potentiality of being the richest planet in this vast universe where millions and millions of stars are surrounded by more and more planets.

Right now the count is three million stars, but they don’t say that is the end. That is as far as our scientific instruments can see. There is beyond, unlimited, with no boundaries. But in this whole expanse, only this small earth has evolved to the point of consciousness, of love, of beauty, of music, of poetry, of sensitivity, of meditativeness.

It should be a determination in every intelligent being that we are not going to allow any vested interest to destroy this planet. This planet has to remain. And there is a golden future just ahead on the horizon - but we must cut the roots, whatever the cost. This is the only revolt I teach.

All revolutions have failed because they were cutting leaves and branches. I teach a total revolt against the past, against all vested interests.

The question is of tremendous importance: to save man is to save the greatest creation of the universe. It has taken four million years for this earth to create man. It is so precious.and the future is much more valuable, because inside you the possibility of a Gautam Buddha, the possibility of a Zarathustra, the possibility of a Lao Tzu is there.

You can also blossom in the same silence, in the same peace, in the same beauty, in the same ecstasy.

.I forgot to look at my watch!

Ronald Reagan, his cabinet members, and his wife Nancy, traveled to the Rocky Mountains for a skiing holiday. Waking up one morning, Reagan opens the curtains and there in the snow, in yellow letters, someone has pissed the message: “Reagan is a wimp.” Enraged, Reagan orders an analysis made of the urine to find out who the culprit is.

An official returns with the results and tells Reagan, “I have some bad news and some terrible news. The bad news is that the urine belongs to your attorney general, Ed Meese.”

“What?” shouts Reagan. “I will shoot that bastard! And what is the terrible news?”

“Well,” says the man, “the terrible news is that it is written in Nancy’s handwriting.”