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Chapter 1: Non-Being is the Way of Being

If you follow faqr, if you slowly, slowly dissolve the idea of separation from existence, the ultimate result is fana. Fana means a state of non-being, what Buddha calls nirvana. You simply disappear, but your disappearance is the appearance of God. If you are in the state of fana, then suddenly, out of the blue, another state is born, that is called baka. Baka, means being. Sufism is the bridge between fana and baka. First you have to be dissolved as an ego, then you are born as God. The dewdrop has to disappear as a dewdrop, into the ocean; this is fana. But the moment the dewdrop falls into the ocean, it becomes the ocean; that is baka.

Non-being is the way to being, and love is the most adequate method to disappear.

That’s why millions of people have decided not to love. If you decide in favor of the ego you will have to remain loveless. Love and ego cannot go together. Knowledge and ego go together perfectly well, but love and ego cannot go together, not at all. They cannot keep company. They are like darkness and light: if light is there darkness cannot be. Darkness can only be if light is not there. If love is not there the ego can be; if love is there the ego cannot be. And vice versa, if ego is dropped, love arrives from all the directions. It simply starts pouring in you from everywhere.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, God also abhors a vacuum. You become a vacuum, and God rushes into you.

The first thing is faqr, and the second thing is zikr. Faqr means spiritual poverty, egolessness, simplicity, dissolving the idea of “I.” And zikr means remembrance. Disappear as a person, then presence is left; in that presence, remember God, let God resound in you - La illaha ill Allah. Let this remembrance arise in your nothingness. In that purity of non-being let there be only one music heard - La illaha ill Allah. Repeat it, sway with it, dance with it, twirl, turn, whirl, and let this music fill you. Each cell of your body should start repeating La illaha ill Allah, La illaha ill Allah, La illaha ill Allah..

And you will be surprised, it creates a kind of drunkenness. The very sound of this mantra is such, it is one of the most potential mantras ever invented by man, discovered by man. Just repeating it, and you will find that something inside you is becoming psychedelic, something in you is changing. You are becoming light, you are becoming love, you are becoming divine. And not only that you will feel it, even others will feel it.

Meditate on these beautiful words of Nurbakhsh:

“Those who suffer for you sit waiting for relief. They have renounced themselves, their hearts, and religion. In good faith your lovers have traveled the road of loyalty. Now sit waiting on your threshold, pure of heart. The beggars sit in the royal court of your grace, hearts content, needs fulfilled. Your dependents, they have nothing to do with worldly kings, but prefer to sit in total poverty within your kingdom. Worshipers of your wine circle the cask, take up the glass and sit there, no longer questioning, serene. Afflicted, wounded by you, they judge their souls worthless. Why then should they sit waiting for medicine? In God’s house God’s men cannot sit negligent, like you false pretenders. Light shines to the highest heavens from the gathering of the Sufis, wild ones, sitting for God, by God, in God.”

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