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Chapter 9: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

That’s why a man like Jesus is so humble. He says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” What does he mean by “poor in spirit”? He means exactly what I am saying: people who don’t attain to knowledge - because knowledge is “the riches of the spirit.” You accumulate things outside, around the body; and you accumulate knowledge inside, around the soul.

A man may be poor as far as things are concerned and he may be rich as far as knowledge is concerned. Jesus says that just to be poor in body won’t help; that is nothing much, that is not authentic poverty. The authentic poverty is when you don’t accumulate things inside, when you don’t come to the point where you declare that “I know!” You are always knowing, you remain a process - always on the way.

Many times we will come across the expression “Jesus on the way.” He is a wanderer, but this wandering is an indication of the innermost flow. He is dynamic, he is not static. He is not like a stone, he is like a flower - always flowering, a movement, not an event.

.A certain man. that certain man can be you, can be anybody. He has no name. It is good that the gospel has not mentioned a name. Knowingly it has been done, because if you mention a name then people think that it must be about this certain man. No, it simply says that it is about the human mind - any man will be quite representative: .a certain man said unto him, “Lord..”

When you come across, when you encounter Jesus, suddenly you feel something of the divine. When you have lost contact with Jesus you may start thinking about whether this man was a god or not, but in his presence he’s so much, he’s so powerful in his inner poverty, his humbleness has such a glory.. His poverty is a kingdom: he’s enthroned. He’s in the highest of consciousnesses. He suddenly surrounds you - is your environs - wraps you from everywhere like a cloud. You forget yourself in it.

“Lord” - that’s the only expression that can be used for Jesus - “Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.” And in that moment of awakening, in that moment of exhilaration, in that moment of intensity, you utter something which you may not be aware of.

That certain man said: “Lord, I will follow thee.” He doesn’t know what he is saying. To follow Jesus is very arduous, because to follow Jesus only means to become a Jesus. There is no other following. It is to risk your all and all - for nothing. It is to risk all for nothing; it is to risk your life for a death. The resurrection may be or it may not be - who knows? You can never be certain about it and no guarantee can be given. It is just a hope.

To sacrifice all that you have for just a hope? The man is not in his senses - what is he saying? He is intoxicated by Jesus, he has drunk too much of his presence. He is no longer in his mind, in his common-sense mind. Back home he will think, “What happened? Why did I say this? Is this man a sorcerer, is this man a hypnotist, a mesmerizer? This man must have played a trick upon me; I was almost deceived. What have I said?”

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