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Chapter 13: Put Mother Theresa in Jail

Poverty is the greatest crime, because all other crimes are born out of poverty; it is the source. And your religious leaders are praising poverty. They are agents of the politicians, they are agents of all those who are in power. There is a conspiracy between the politicians and the priests. The politician goes on paying respect to the priest. Ronald Reagan goes to the Vatican to pay his regards to Pope the Polack.

And naturally the pope goes on preaching no birth control, no abortion, because these are against God: God is giving children to you and you are preventing God from doing his work. God seems to be doing great work! The earth is already four times overpopulated. If the same rate of growth in population continues, by the end of this century the whole world will be dying of starvation.

I want these criminals - the pope, Mother Teresa, etcetera - to be locked up before they do too much harm.

You are asking me, cannot my way of life and my approach towards creating more wealth, technology, science, be accepted without my philosophy of religiousness? No. It is impossible.

My philosophy of religiousness is an organic whole.

You cannot take part of it - that part will be dead. Either you have to accept it whole or you have to reject it whole.

And I am not for compromise on any grounds.

Just see: if you don’t accept that luxury is man’s birthright, you cannot create wealth. For what? If the rich man cannot enter into the kingdom of God, would you like to become a rich man? This life is small, very small. Compared to the eternity of time it is just a second, or even less. Just be a little patient and you will enter into the kingdom of God with all its beauties and luxuries. They are waiting for you.

But if you try to go against God here, if you stop the population explosion on the earth, if you try to convert all the energy that is going into war and death towards life, you are going against the politician, you are going against the priest. And these two, the politician and the priest, are the inventors of God.

God is a lie.

God is the greatest lie.

Unless you are free from God, you cannot make this earth paradise, because then your paradise remains always above the clouds, then your paradise remains only a hope. And I want it to be a reality - now and here.

You are asking me, “If they don’t accept your religious ideology, can’t they accept your approach towards wealth?” No. How can they accept it? They remain attached to their old religious traditions which are praising poverty. Before they can be creative of wealth, comfort, luxury, they have to destroy the old program of remaining poor because poverty is something spiritual.

I don’t see anything spiritual in poverty. Do you think if somebody is suffering from cancer there is something spiritual in it? Somebody is sick, dying; is there something spiritual in it? If that is so then all great saints are born in Ethiopia and are dying every day; one thousand saints dying in Ethiopia - because if poverty is spiritual then Ethiopia is the land of spirituality.

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