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Chapter 15: Everybody Is Unique, Not Equal

It is not strange that two ideas have gripped the human heart more deeply then anything else. One is that of equality, because that gives you a feeling that now there is no need to prove.all are equal. And deep down you know that you are superior, because you know that all are equal - all are not knowing. In your knowledge of equality you in a certain way satisfy your superiority.

Half of the world is communist - equality has not happened. Equality cannot happen; equality is not possible. It is against nature. You are not built for it. And it is good; otherwise, just to see equal faces, equal people would be so boring. The differences create a variety and a life with color and rainbows.

The second idea is that poverty has something spiritual. Both, strangely, were created by Christianity. Jesus was not crucified because he was teaching a great philosophy or was against the tradition or was in any way dangerous. He was crucified because he consoled the poor: “You are the chosen people of God and you will enter paradise. Even a camel can enter through the eye of a needle, but a rich man cannot enter paradise.” This was the reason he was crucified. It was nothing to do with religion. But this was also the reason that the poor became converted to Christianity, because he was the only messiah who was giving them a free ticket to paradise. Just being poor is enough.

Christianity has given many diseases to the world. One is enhancing poverty, making poverty something spiritual. It is not spiritual. It is simply our stupidity that we are poor; otherwise everything can be comfortably settled, without any poverty, without any beggars. But rather than looking at the roots, they started talking about equality. Have you seen two persons equal? - in any way? Even twins are not exactly equal. Their parents recognize one from the other.

One man married a woman who was a twin. A friend asked him, “It must be a very difficult job to figure out who is your wife.”

He said, “This is giving me such great joy, because there is no need to bother about who is my wife. I have two wives, and a clear-cut excuse that it is very difficult to distinguish who is who. And neither do they speak, because it would look awkward - ‘Why did you not stop him?’”

Even one-egg twins have small differences. About others the differences are great. And the greater the differences are, the more unique you are - but not equal. I am not saying you are unequal, remember, I am simply denying the whole philosophy of equality. Instead I am giving you a new idea of uniqueness which is far more beautiful. It accepts everybody.

Equality is something idiotic.

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