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Chapter 10: Pope the Polack Is the Antichrist

But once people are in power and they have destroyed capitalism, who is going to take the power from their hands? Seventy years have passed since the revolution in Russia. Capitalism has disappeared long ago; now everybody is poor. But those who are in power are more powerful than any rich man ever was in any country. And they are not going to drop their powers.

Yes, one thing has happened: because everybody is equally poor, they think equality has happened. There is no comparison left. In the commune everybody was rich, nobody was poor. This I call the higher quality of communism.

They became afraid - and there was no government, there was no enforcement. The American government became afraid of what was happening: if the American people become aware of it - and they were becoming aware - slowly, slowly then, it will create a problem. It is better to destroy it. It will give a comparison to people.

The commune had hundreds of cars. No car belonged to anybody - everybody was able to use any car he wanted. The commune had one hundred buses, five airplanes, its own airport, and everybody was available, capable of being happy, of being blissful. To be rich is dangerous because it creates comparison in other peoples’ eyes and they start asking the politicians, “What you have been doing for thousands of years, these people have been able to do in four years! And if it can happen to these people, why can’t it happen to all people, to everybody?”

They arrested me without any warrant, at the point of twelve guns - they never told me why they had arrested me. They did not allow me to inform my attorneys - which is absolutely undemocratic and illegal. And when the whole story became known to the world press, it was a sudden exposure of America’s reality. It is not the people of America, but the American politicians and the bureaucracy of America that is fascist.

The destruction of the commune exposed them. That is the reason why in every country - not only in Italy - in every country the press has been sympathetic. In America itself the news media has not been only sympathetic, it has been very protective.

I was in jails for twelve days, and each jail was surrounded by hundreds of cameras, photographers, television people, newspapers. They wanted to know about me.Just seeing me pass from the car to the jail, they wanted to know about me: “Are they doing any harm to you? Just say, and we will let the whole world know.”

It is simple human psychology. It is not that I have lost any empire - I had none. It is not that I am no longer an emperor - I have never been. But I have a totally different kind of world with me.people who love me and people who are blessed by my love. If you call love power, then it is power. And perhaps it is the only power which should be saved, and all other power should be destroyed.

And whatever is my teaching is so clear to any intelligent person who is not closed, that I don’t see why sooner or later the news media around the world is not going to be for me. It is not for me, it is for truth, it is for love, it is for beauty, it is for meditation.

It is for a new kind of religiousness.